Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The child's eyes went wide when realizing he were no longer of use. One of ours became one of the broken; my presence brought no comfort to him. I entered his mind and took the information needed. Mister Creevey had corrupted another; if Lenore and Thuggee weren't bad enough already. This creature did worse; Lenore manipulated proxies beyond the point of redemption, until they were just shells. Thuggee slaughtered them without a second thought. Mister Creevey, so it seems; crawls within and destroys them from the core.

This is problematic; the parasite is not destroying them for a reason. It's feeding, a similar yet different method than my own. It left irreversible damage yet left the thing still alive; intriguing development. What is the point of allowing it to live? The thing was once of use and now appears shriveled and pathetic. I found out during my activities in his mind; Mister Creevey wished to leave a message. It is no one's business as to what that message was. I did it a favor by preventing others from witnessing it in such a poor state; by relieving it of its position.

Good news, I have some free time on my hands; if that was not yet obvious. The Cultist's arm was snapped and she has taken it as a chance to hide; working silently no doubt. A definite lead has come up in regards to the artifact; now I wait. All there is to do is my job; in comparison to the other tasks it's far simpler. Trying to eliminate Gallows and Graves isn't trying in the least either.

I have some personal interests I have been watching. One of the newest, Swan and Fracture; such a delightful and witty pair. I am going to enjoy them; Fracture has proven to be exactly what I have observed him to be.

The most notable; the third being an unknown boy whom I've been speaking with nearly the length of my time on here. I consider the child a favorite.

Intriguing creatures so far. The Dreamers have been a lively bunch recently. Even the Lady has been dreaming more frequently; as if I haven't noticed, thing.

There was a boy who loathed his family. His mother was leaving his father, who drank on account of her nightly visits to the beds of other men. The boy's elder brother beat the child constantly as a means to relieve stress. His sister ignored him as if he was human trash. The boy wished for companionship, he got nothing. I offered him a means to escape everything one night; he accepted. Awakening from the dream he found his family deceased throughout the house. Without any ties left he became one of His.

A teenager that has always been indecisive finally made a choice all on her own. With a small nudge, give or take. She had never been given a voice of her own, born silent she had others often speak for her. She found it distasteful; felt as if her individuality was taken from her. I was the first to hear her speak; though it did not come from her mouth it meant just as much. It was the first conversation she had; the first choice given she could freely answer. The thing wept joyfully before accepting my offer; once more silenced as she became one of His.

I don't make a habit of keeping proxies; other than 269 and 85. Especially after Lenore's lure; seeing as she is destined to die soon I decided to keep these two. I thought a certain few would enjoy that news. Welcome, male Proxy 519 and female Proxy 523.

Until next time.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


How very intriguing. We have The Shady Lady opening up on what secrets she's been keeping about me. I have been keeping secrets, too. You should call your friend sometime. I also see an old friend of ours is with you now, do say hello to Joshua for me.

Miss Renalda seems to be having a breakdown. It's good to have such a wonderful friend to keep you protected. It's a good thing no one can read your minds... oh wait.

If that wasn't enough my previous helping hand The Advocate has proven to be a traitor to Him and His. Working for Thuggee as of now. The Lady has done at least one right thing to shun you, thing.

I would not often care about the return of someone; but the Doctor insists on having vital information against Thuggee. He may consider himself an interest as of now. Welcome back, Doctor Proctor.

Prosper has been quiet on here but lively elsewhere. He's doing very well on beating Lenore, the Road Runner; slowly to death. She is managing to flee from him, manipulate His agents, all while in such poor health. It's impressive; I can see why Thuggee continued agreeing to use her information.

Gallows and Graves continue to flee from proxies I send after them. They broke the one rule they had; they now must be dealt with. Mister Creevey continues to pursue them; he's risking a lot by leaving territory he's claimed as his own. What is stopping Him from taking back what was His to begin with now? I can see the Darkling is making its way to the mansion as I type this. Good luck Josie.
Onto what jogged me to post again; I received an interesting email from a woman named LeCroix. A woman of the law straying from her path; hunting my infamous duo. Lady, how you should have strongly advised her against this. Sometimes freedom of choice is such a poor decision to give others. I am patiently debating how to handle this thing.

You are all playing the parts handed to you. My disgust for each one of you has yet to lessen, we are no where near where we need to be.

The Dreamers are at least lively still. You should see what I have done, it's a masterpiece in my biased opinion. E-Bear seems to even like it. She is being kept in good hands, Mystery; she is learning much and enjoys the beautiful mosaic tiles and vast ocean.

I took her inside a dream once, the child did not know what to do. I encouraged her to be creative; my, my how she twisted that poor lad's head without realizing it. It's pitiful how fragile most of your minds are.

You have a long way to go, Mystery. You haven't opened up all the doors yet. I implore you, find me.