Friday, September 16, 2011


I cannot begin to elaborate on my displeasure. I truly doubt you are capable of understanding the depths of it; perhaps that is of my own choosing to not allow you such a chance.

I became alert to the happenings when Proxy 85 threw himself into the fire. I ordered recon, observe only! The result of him disobeying an order was him nearly killed. 269 only intervened upon the last minute. This displeases me further yet does not surprise me in the slightest.

Thuggee's pet managed to eliminate 269's body, tending to the beast himself I could not waste the time to give my right hand something he was used to. I had to resort to tossing his consciousness into the nearest corpse the few times he found himself dead. My pet did something right; I came upon the gruesome discovery as to what he was doing. Dare I admit to smiling at my pet's cleverness; his murders all this time were placed within a circle around the mansion. Every body undiscovered; kept true to his word about working to complete the circle.

Despite the fact this corpse he inhabited was injured severely I punished him. Failure; for not intervening sooner when 85 recklessly sought to defend my targets. To put it mildly; that body fell dead and I thrashed his conscious being until it laid beaten. I spent time piecing together a new body afterwards.

Proxy 85 is healing, the child trembles with reason. He will be wiser than to be so headstrong in the future.

The battle itself was known to be a challenge, I saw through my pet's eyes a split moment before going to their aid. I personally went, despite a clone typing this now I did not allow such to face Thuggee. There is a difference between a clone and the master of them when it comes power.

269 is by and large not an easy target to eliminate, especially against you humans. It took a few tries in every body I flung 269's conscious into. Evading Thuggee was a primary concern while 85 was rendered useless, if not nearly dead. My charge managed to crawl out of the way; only when I pulled forth a horde of clones from various locations across the globe did my charge escape. I had a single one remove his form from the building.

My targets gone and having taken 85 with them I found no more use in staying; my purpose there was served. I took 269's injured form and left the filth hole. Let the claimed Hand of the Gods relish in a building in ruins with one cooked corpse, if he thinks such a victory I pity him.

I located where my pet was and teleported to him, 269 and myself appeared within a motel room with those upon my list. I examined each one of them briefly before lifting the boy off the bed. We left the fighters to tend to their battle wounds, my objective is greater than they at the moment. Count yourselves lucky, resistance; had it been the beginning of summer I would have taken all of you without a single thought.

Mercy has befallen you and I have many things to do.

I report now I am well, mere flesh wounds and the mental warfare is already recovering. Might I remind you I earned my position; my use is not in the battlefield but it does not mean I'm not capable. Proxy 85 needed immediate medical attention and was graced with it, we will be having a very strict lesson in disobeying orders when he recovers. 269 has been dealt with accordingly and is presently stretching his new body. His mask is damaged thoroughly, not by the battle but previous affairs with a certain Road Runner. He was punished severely for giving her the time of day; I care not she's one of his asylum wenches.

If you are curious on the status of the fighters I will report they are breathing. Their injuries range, they are all disturbed mentally but I trust they'll return to their stubborn ways in time; or break under the pressure.

I can assure you the being known as Thuggee and his pet Dodgy are a case that will be looked into effective immediately. This old well of souls has a job to do, I do remember telling you all that I am quite effective at this job, did I not? My purpose was served at the battlefield. Thuggee dares to begin assaulting His? I welcome him into war.

This new player to the field brings forth more troubles, such a burden to tend to so much work. My clones will have to continue the hunt; Prosper will solely have to tend to the resistance, 85 when he heals; and it would seem I will have to invest my personal time into creating a counterstrike.

Very well. His enemies shall come to understand my position; a businessman must protect his investments and his superior.

It would seem now is the time for this body to be put to use properly.

A global watch has been initiated.

A counterstrike has begun.

Such a pain.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Proxy 85 has been issued to 269's side for strict recon purposes. After analyzing his state and altering some previous issues he was released to full duties. 269 will be continuing to further his work while I tend to another hunt as well as the dreamers. 85 will remain stationed as an observer until further notice.

I have been working around the clock, of course time seems to matter little after so many years. Some appealing candidates have come to the table, I will be looking into them one by one.

It is official, Gallows and Graves are awaiting duty to be called into the battle as well. Congratulations, permission to exit your filthy wasteland will be granted when I see fit. I will admit that the two of them play not to rules previously established, for ones that serve Him they are as rebellious as the fighters. I am considering that as long as they do their job when called to it nothing else matters.

I am aware I have left a majority in confusion as to my change in course from the Lady, Cultist and the rest of their party. The treasure being sought is not one to report on just yet. Not until we have it. There are many leads that need to be exhausted, I am grateful for my multitasking capabilities.

Catching up on some of my targets I have come to a conclusion I am in need of burning down a building and eliminating evidence. I'll need to change my suit so on that note I'll bid you all a farewell. Until next time.