Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Proxy 85 has been issued to 269's side for strict recon purposes. After analyzing his state and altering some previous issues he was released to full duties. 269 will be continuing to further his work while I tend to another hunt as well as the dreamers. 85 will remain stationed as an observer until further notice.

I have been working around the clock, of course time seems to matter little after so many years. Some appealing candidates have come to the table, I will be looking into them one by one.

It is official, Gallows and Graves are awaiting duty to be called into the battle as well. Congratulations, permission to exit your filthy wasteland will be granted when I see fit. I will admit that the two of them play not to rules previously established, for ones that serve Him they are as rebellious as the fighters. I am considering that as long as they do their job when called to it nothing else matters.

I am aware I have left a majority in confusion as to my change in course from the Lady, Cultist and the rest of their party. The treasure being sought is not one to report on just yet. Not until we have it. There are many leads that need to be exhausted, I am grateful for my multitasking capabilities.

Catching up on some of my targets I have come to a conclusion I am in need of burning down a building and eliminating evidence. I'll need to change my suit so on that note I'll bid you all a farewell. Until next time.


  1. Heyo big wig! I AM SO EXCITED! Leaving this damn city. MURDERING IN NEW PLACES!
    Ho ho ho~ I wonder if foreigners scream any differently. ;)

  2. Gallows-Tree: Your enthusiasm is a good sign.

    The Anarchitect: Is there a point you have to make?

  3. At least...hell, I don't have a point. Fuck it.

  4. Dia: Your comment should have never been posted then; it possesses no means to exist. Future readers should be aware that if they have nothing to say to not post at all.