Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Everything is in working order; we are making excellent timing. I have a scheduled meeting to attend to soon but with recent interests peaked another clone will take the place. When do they not, however? An acquaintance of mine I am eager to meet face to face with.

Liam and his fellow Degtyrev were back within Canada; the Black Pirates Pub was of a calm setting. The clone that types this to you now is the one that changed his disguise to a her disguise. The one that was originally devoured was a female with auburn hair, early twenties. Playing with her face and resurfacing the taken identity was all to simple.

If beauty bore any weight to us perhaps she'd be considered such. Perhaps; I say. It was not difficult to target the one I sought; Liam with his comrade at a round table alone. There were some empty bottles sitting on the table; the timing was flawless with alcohol already lacing through their system. Ordering two more drinks for them and popping the caps it was a simple tilt of the hands and both drinks were slipped their seeds.

I brought myself to the edge of the table; a single act that caught their attention. Perhaps it was the dress? The beers slid across the table, the heels caught a nearby chair and slid it over into my reach. There was silence as I sat my disguised self down and straightened; the woman's face I wore smiled ever so pleasantly at the two men.

Unaware they took the drinks and began making small talk. It was all too easy; living as long as I you become used to disguises; with as many consciousnesses as I have within me differing personalities are an easy tool of the trade to use. I watched every sip taken and counted down; their minds so blinded by the womanly figure to take notice in what was infecting their alcoholic beverages.

They began to weaken; tiring from the slipped roofies within their drinks. I found myself purposely leaning forward and encouraging them to get to their feet and leave. The resistance was none; if only a remark or two about their grogginess.

Upon leaving the pub I grasped both of them and we were gone; before any could take notice. I brought them to a very special place; the Lady would recognize it I do not doubt.

The chill of the small building ran through; I pulled the men up as they stumbled and began to sag from the drug. Within one of the cool rooms sat two tables upon opposite sides of the room; I dragged them each upon one before shedding my disguise. Oh how Liam tried to focus and stay awake; he managed to pull out his firearm and place a few rounds within this replaceable body.

Commendable, boy; means little to one such as I. His gun faltered and then dropped out of his grasp; fighting to stay awake prevented little. He collapsed upon the table only a little after his companion.

We played with one another; delving into his mind proved to be a challenge. Like the Lady herself he was sensitive; he resisted greatly. The weapons the mind can conjure within something akin to a lucid dream is quite fascinating. Yet I am of power when you all dream; be it awake or asleep. Did I not show you that with the Lady; despite her resistance?

I broke his attempted mazes; his weapons meant little to me. He ran and he fought which ultimately backed him into a corner. Like I found in a few others there was a barrier covering over something not meant to be seen. What is this; oh Liam, who are you? Perhaps I shall question what are you?

To say you are special is barely scratching the surface. All of the death that plagues you; years of war and seen famine because of it. Every conquest ever made. The battle scars I have found; what it is I believe you to be may just be true. Your little self going mad within this head of yours; caving beneath the stress that was there long before this.

Poetic. You have nothing to blame but what you are. Holding back, boy? Why not become what it is you are?

Your fellow Degtyrev knows about conquest; does he not? Quite the headstrong male. Not as crazy as you, is he? Easier to play with him; by a bit at least. Yet what is he to you? Just as important but not the one that has my interest.

We played our game and I released you both come sunrise. I left you miles from your town within the woods; I even awaited until you awoken before I left. Generous babysitter am I to you; encouraging you to see just how special you four are.

May you get some rest; perhaps see a therapist? You will need it in the coming months.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have taken it upon myself to investigate a certain expedition within the Alps. Have I captured your attention; those that know that of which I speak? Very good, things. I followed this team as they traveled from Italy to the Alps, as they searched for our precious find.

I followed as they left to France and decided they had spent long enough; I wanted details. I approached a small team that is apart of the group known as Blackwater at the Notre Dame Saint Michel Hotel. I intercepted the boys within the hallway as they approached their quarters; the colorful floors and mellow walls making them stand out. Their hands were already on their weapons at my appearance; I do so doubt my masked face gave them any positivity. Alas, I was not there to be a menace; unless they wished me to be so.

I offered them polite conversation even with the barrels raised. Army boys; I determined what they say about these things to be true. They refused my conversation so I offered them a bargain; that too was rejected. The tie was fixed into place before I began pulling apart the walls; their guns firing in my direction. To hit a man that can teleport is unlikely in most cases; Grof, their team leader, fired his cursed grenade launcher clipping my reappearance and singeing clothing.

The little devils ruined my suit with their petty attempts at eliminating my clone. I managed to separate the children, the Russian and American boys, Degtyrev and Baxter; were caught within the fiery hallway as the other two, Grof and Liam; were caught within the quarters with myself.

I pulled a second clone into combat to distract the lesser officer; the leader is who I came to speak with. Oh what a conversation we had; he swore and raged like the beasts from my previous encounters. I took what scarce information the leader offered; disappointed I turned my sights upon the other boy. His gun fired a final bullet into my clone; it vanished unable to withstand further torn organs. The young soldier turned to me; I grabbed him and relocated to the room next door; his back cleared the desk, the resistance of his bullets putting more holes within me proving more bothersome.

As I searched his mind he flipped open a blade, I assume it was taken from one of his pockets now; and stabbed through my tie into my chest. The lack of satisfaction at my lack of reaction would have been most entertaining had my own amusement bore any weight. Liam gave me little like the leader. Displeasing little thing; rude and vile, I cut open his neck until I felt the bone at my fingertips. He gurgled and he screamed even so more obscenities. Intriguing; the boy did not die. Only when the boy realized where my hand was and why the pain was so severe did the panic show. He stared at me with such confusion; even with the covered eye holes of my mask I wondered if he could see me as clearly as I him. Oh, pet; you amuse me so. The ripe fear that tore through your mind; my, my; what fear he showed.

I retracted and pulled out yet he did not stop. Bleeding all over himself; the wound still open. He leveled the gun barely; it wouldn't stop faltering as he wheezed. He fired his little bullets; rather than play any longer I left the boys with their torn apart hotel. Information proved of little use; it would appear this lead was more of a waste. My personal interest has been quirked; Blackwater boys you hide a secret within you. Congratulations; you have reached my list. This is but the first of our times together.

Let us hope next time for your sakes you have something of use, hm?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Congratulations ladies. You managed to survive Limeport Asylum. Your run in with the mutt and the one who holds his leash was entertaining. Lady, it is a shame you lost such a potential lead. Your dreams tell you more than you realize, however; perhaps you should look there more often. Fret not, thing; I do not weave webs there... yet.

Mystery your sister and I had a nice time together. She is a cruel thing; is she not? Your blood has disowned you and you them. That is alright, however; you have this family left. When they run slim in numbers you can become our example. We have patience, thing. Plenty of it.

That mutt almost had you two. Should be more careful in the future. Rabid dogs bite first, tear second, and kill last. There are no questions. I do believe all the employees under my influence prove to be an example of that. His leash bearer and master only encourage this behavior; there is no changing the mutt. You two should remember that.

Oh yes; one thing. Bird of Prey who I see now; do watch yourself little miss. You wouldn't want to break those wings or have them broken, would you? Tread carefully, you are walking upon thin ice and you have only just begun.

I will remain overseeing Prosper's operation now and then. My search has begun elsewhere. Awaiting the return of my charge as of now; we will begin the investigation.

Shortly now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have been generous to you all. Lending what little personal time I have in order to answer you. It is very pleasant to be back in business; I have added more copies into the world than I had previously. Each effectively working on you dreamers. Have you seen me? I walked the grounds of your minds yet not even a handful of you recall. Such is the way my life goes.

Mystery Cultist, you are as naive as you are crafty. Have you considered the message a little more? Probably not, hm? It is alright; I can forgive you. Give it time, child.

269, the Second Death has come to be. Build everything up and let them watch it fall. Let the First Death be the last.

While my copy is typing this to you I am enjoying myself on the island. The sand inside my dress shoes is warm and bearable now that things are proceeding forward. I may have lost the girl before but perhaps it is for the better. Yes. I see that now; there are many layers that need peeling away. Do not worry, Lady; you will be playing with some of my colleagues instead of me personally. I have others to cast my attention upon; you should help Mystery Cultist solve that message and keep and eye out.

I must turn my attention on another matter in the meantime. Do enjoy my copies and my pets; dreams, always seeing you.

The Search has begun.