Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Everything is in working order; we are making excellent timing. I have a scheduled meeting to attend to soon but with recent interests peaked another clone will take the place. When do they not, however? An acquaintance of mine I am eager to meet face to face with.

Liam and his fellow Degtyrev were back within Canada; the Black Pirates Pub was of a calm setting. The clone that types this to you now is the one that changed his disguise to a her disguise. The one that was originally devoured was a female with auburn hair, early twenties. Playing with her face and resurfacing the taken identity was all to simple.

If beauty bore any weight to us perhaps she'd be considered such. Perhaps; I say. It was not difficult to target the one I sought; Liam with his comrade at a round table alone. There were some empty bottles sitting on the table; the timing was flawless with alcohol already lacing through their system. Ordering two more drinks for them and popping the caps it was a simple tilt of the hands and both drinks were slipped their seeds.

I brought myself to the edge of the table; a single act that caught their attention. Perhaps it was the dress? The beers slid across the table, the heels caught a nearby chair and slid it over into my reach. There was silence as I sat my disguised self down and straightened; the woman's face I wore smiled ever so pleasantly at the two men.

Unaware they took the drinks and began making small talk. It was all too easy; living as long as I you become used to disguises; with as many consciousnesses as I have within me differing personalities are an easy tool of the trade to use. I watched every sip taken and counted down; their minds so blinded by the womanly figure to take notice in what was infecting their alcoholic beverages.

They began to weaken; tiring from the slipped roofies within their drinks. I found myself purposely leaning forward and encouraging them to get to their feet and leave. The resistance was none; if only a remark or two about their grogginess.

Upon leaving the pub I grasped both of them and we were gone; before any could take notice. I brought them to a very special place; the Lady would recognize it I do not doubt.

The chill of the small building ran through; I pulled the men up as they stumbled and began to sag from the drug. Within one of the cool rooms sat two tables upon opposite sides of the room; I dragged them each upon one before shedding my disguise. Oh how Liam tried to focus and stay awake; he managed to pull out his firearm and place a few rounds within this replaceable body.

Commendable, boy; means little to one such as I. His gun faltered and then dropped out of his grasp; fighting to stay awake prevented little. He collapsed upon the table only a little after his companion.

We played with one another; delving into his mind proved to be a challenge. Like the Lady herself he was sensitive; he resisted greatly. The weapons the mind can conjure within something akin to a lucid dream is quite fascinating. Yet I am of power when you all dream; be it awake or asleep. Did I not show you that with the Lady; despite her resistance?

I broke his attempted mazes; his weapons meant little to me. He ran and he fought which ultimately backed him into a corner. Like I found in a few others there was a barrier covering over something not meant to be seen. What is this; oh Liam, who are you? Perhaps I shall question what are you?

To say you are special is barely scratching the surface. All of the death that plagues you; years of war and seen famine because of it. Every conquest ever made. The battle scars I have found; what it is I believe you to be may just be true. Your little self going mad within this head of yours; caving beneath the stress that was there long before this.

Poetic. You have nothing to blame but what you are. Holding back, boy? Why not become what it is you are?

Your fellow Degtyrev knows about conquest; does he not? Quite the headstrong male. Not as crazy as you, is he? Easier to play with him; by a bit at least. Yet what is he to you? Just as important but not the one that has my interest.

We played our game and I released you both come sunrise. I left you miles from your town within the woods; I even awaited until you awoken before I left. Generous babysitter am I to you; encouraging you to see just how special you four are.

May you get some rest; perhaps see a therapist? You will need it in the coming months.


  1. God, that is fucking disturbing on so many levels.

  2. I am inclined to agree with Shady.
    You are one disturbing individual.

  3. THE EXECUTOR SPIKED DRINKS!?!? How could he? That is the ultimate of all evils. Alchohol is a beautiful wonderful thing. Polluting it is a crime against nature. This is such a horrible horrible day.

  4. The Shady Lady and Black Hawk: The human form is but a shell; a disguise. Your disturbance only assists me.

    The Mad Ventriloquist: Beauty bears no weight here; I do what is necessary to succeed at my task.

  5. but...but... the alchohol!

    And what must the Executor's life be like without beauty? He is efficient,of course, but he must be very empty. The Mad Ventriloquist wishes him the best.

  6. The Mad Ventriloquist: Emptiness is but nothingness and nothingness means nothing to me; it is but a waste of time to dwell. I have much work to do. Your considerate nature and well manners are pleasant, thank you.