Sunday, July 10, 2011


Congratulations ladies. You managed to survive Limeport Asylum. Your run in with the mutt and the one who holds his leash was entertaining. Lady, it is a shame you lost such a potential lead. Your dreams tell you more than you realize, however; perhaps you should look there more often. Fret not, thing; I do not weave webs there... yet.

Mystery your sister and I had a nice time together. She is a cruel thing; is she not? Your blood has disowned you and you them. That is alright, however; you have this family left. When they run slim in numbers you can become our example. We have patience, thing. Plenty of it.

That mutt almost had you two. Should be more careful in the future. Rabid dogs bite first, tear second, and kill last. There are no questions. I do believe all the employees under my influence prove to be an example of that. His leash bearer and master only encourage this behavior; there is no changing the mutt. You two should remember that.

Oh yes; one thing. Bird of Prey who I see now; do watch yourself little miss. You wouldn't want to break those wings or have them broken, would you? Tread carefully, you are walking upon thin ice and you have only just begun.

I will remain overseeing Prosper's operation now and then. My search has begun elsewhere. Awaiting the return of my charge as of now; we will begin the investigation.

Shortly now.


  1. I have only just begun.
    Watch yourself,
    foul beast that wears the suit of man.
    What can kill you remains unknown,
    what can hurt you I see all too clearly.
    Await the return of your heart,
    guard it for I aim to take the last joy you have away.
    Shortly now.

  2. Road Runner: What big words you speak; you will look weak when they fail and all shall see it. I implore you to try, however; and let our audience bear witness to what is done should my business be compromised.

  3. Oh, liar. Deleting my comment? I was civil; as civil as a person can be to a monster.

    Now there is trouble. I look forward to our meeting.

  4. Disbeliever of Sorts: Do not insult me with your lies. It was you who deleted your own comments and you would do well to cease from spreading obnoxious rumors. I have no interest in you, thing. You have no audience with me because you damned yourself by running your mouth; figuratively speaking. Remain deluded if you wish; at least keep shut the hole the noise flows through so civil people may be able to go on about their lives. Your behavior still remains like these Yankees; do not play games with me. I see you all too clearly. There is no trouble because I have not made it, all of this is yours to blame with your deluded ways.

    To make things clear as to how it is that I am not responsible for the deletion of your comments; it is due to the fact they read as being deleted by the author, hence you the author. Even I am aware of how this site works, thing.

    Excuse me; I have actual matters to attend to than spend time with a bratty man-child.

  5. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks he's missing something.

  6. Join the club, Ventriloquist. Everything is becoming foggier as time progresses. It seems that something ominous is on the horizon. Something big. And it's going to wash us all away.

  7. The Mad Ventriloquist and That Damned Yankee: Yes. Missing something. The pieces are falling into place; patience. Shortly now; wait and see what will be born from the ashes of the fallen.

  8. Hi, big guy.

    It's been a while. I feel like we've been too distant lately. Let's not let our experience with Shady be a one time thing, buddy!

    Don't be a stranger... I still have lots of toys to play with.


  9. The Advocate: You are no longer my charge; whatever job you have taken up now is your own. Unless you put in a request for my assistance there is little we have to discuss about our jobs. If you wish for idle conversation on possible future events that is something that can be done. My personal time can be arranged to fit you in, Advocate.