Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have been generous to you all. Lending what little personal time I have in order to answer you. It is very pleasant to be back in business; I have added more copies into the world than I had previously. Each effectively working on you dreamers. Have you seen me? I walked the grounds of your minds yet not even a handful of you recall. Such is the way my life goes.

Mystery Cultist, you are as naive as you are crafty. Have you considered the message a little more? Probably not, hm? It is alright; I can forgive you. Give it time, child.

269, the Second Death has come to be. Build everything up and let them watch it fall. Let the First Death be the last.

While my copy is typing this to you I am enjoying myself on the island. The sand inside my dress shoes is warm and bearable now that things are proceeding forward. I may have lost the girl before but perhaps it is for the better. Yes. I see that now; there are many layers that need peeling away. Do not worry, Lady; you will be playing with some of my colleagues instead of me personally. I have others to cast my attention upon; you should help Mystery Cultist solve that message and keep and eye out.

I must turn my attention on another matter in the meantime. Do enjoy my copies and my pets; dreams, always seeing you.

The Search has begun.


  1. Does making copies hurt? Does Executor build them or do they pop out of his head or are they just dreams? This is making The Mad Ventriloquist's head hurt. Though that might be the vodka.

  2. If your head hurts now; due to vodka or the thought of it, I can assure you it will hurt worse if I explained it. I will tell you this, however. Pain bears no weight here; my copies are not just dreams. They walk your streets as effectively as they do your minds.

  3. How many people are intended to be killed by Prosper? Does he have his own list? Executor, I'm not seeing any First Deaths listed, why skip to the second?

    Also, leave Mystery's family the fuck alone. If you're going to deal with us do it. You're only wasting time by targeting them. I would have thought you would have realized that.

  4. The Shady Lady: Hello Lady, it is so good to hear from you again. Let it be assured should my time be wasted you all would be feeling the repercussions for it. Onto your questions, shall we? Prosper acts upon his own as of now and reports to me when ordered. I have allowed him free reign to do what is necessary. I would not put it past my pet to have a list all his own, Lady. Do you not know of the First Death? My, my girl; you have much to catch up on. Hurry along into your past then, little thing.

  5. It seems time has passed me by yet again. I'll have to delve to fully understand what you're saying about The Second Death. Regardless, I must ask. Who are you turning your sights on now? I know you won't divulge much, of course, but I can't help but let my curiosity get the better of me. Or maybe it's my paranoia. Only time will tell.

  6. That Damned Yankee: You are but a personal enjoyment, pet. The who bears no weight; the what does. What I turn my sights upon means everything. It is of no meaning to you; fret not for my business. Perhaps you'll see soon; for now writhe in your curiosity.