Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello miserable onlookers,

It would appear My Dark Journal; Victor has given chase. We have been frolicking across various places since yesterday. My copies are dropping like flies; my charges eliminated here and there. He has much to devour through; still I feel the need to move my original self to a new location. Due to him and the Lady; who showed an intriguing sign prior to her escape.

I have not been called from my task; the hunt continues for the female. Allies appear to be leaving the flock to come to here. I encourage this; more eyes to look through.

Now I see some have backed off; even better on my behalf. Already found; already followed. My pet is as good as a blood hound.

Excuse me now; three more copies have fallen. How fast this one moves; wait until he has to deal with the original. I have mused over transporting clones to the homes of the Fighters; to Runners; and seeing how fast those that reject and oppose him will last.

I may just act upon these musings.

Here we go now, Victor; play along. You have so much left to do. Eat up; like a starved child waiting to be put out of its misery.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Escaped: Between 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM; May 24
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)

More information provided below

Sometime between 3:30 PM and 4:10 PM on May 24, 2011; the female known as "The Shady Lady" escaped. Currently we are looking for clues as to how her escape was possible. Little has been found; suspects and theories will not be disclosed.

Our witnesses have stated the following occurred:

Proxy 85: The Lady stealthily slipped behind the boy and wrapped an arm around his neck. He struggled and knocked them both backwards to the ground. Her legs locked around his torso. She managed to pry off his mask and uttered the word "shit"; it is suspected her realization this was a child is what led her to not kill him. The female instead suffocated the boy until unconscious and continued on her way.

Proxy 269: Claimed he witnessed her escaping near the entrance and attacked her in an attempt to subdue. She managed to dislocate and then break his right arm. When he arrived the bone was sticking out his wrist; I suspect she pulled back his arm, dislocated it and then hit with force against his elbow, detaching the bone and tearing it out the underside of his wrist. Afterwards he still gave chase but even with her injured leg she used the adrenaline in her system to escape into the woods. He returned and is being tended to currently.

The Advocate: He claimed he did not see anything nor was aware of her disappearance until 269 returned. He brushed off the escape; which is not of surprise to us nor suspicious; we know the Advocate for only caring about his own entertainment and nothing more.

Myself; The Executor: I was tending to another affair while the Lady rested. If I have to be subjected to my own investigation like so than that alone is pitiful.

Notes: She obtained her personal belongings (cellphone; pocket knife) as well as took the mask I crafted for her outside of the dream.

Warning: The female, while injured is noted to be dangerous. Currently dosed with hallucinogenic drugs her body is producing adrenaline and increased paranoia. She is armed with a pocket knife; something she can easily kill with. With the state I last left her in it is obvious to note that she will attack first and ask questions later. This is a predator that wears the mask of prey; the Lady is able to perform murder without hesitation presently.

My suggestion is to not give her the time to notice you are there. Either apprehend her immediately with stealth or await till she grows drowsy. Do not take my words lightly. I am the one that has been overseeing this operation; I know what we have done to her and the affects this task brought upon her.

I issue this for any proxies that notice this female. Do not defect from your tasks; if she is noticed only then strike.

Do not kill The Shady Lady
Removing pieces of her body is unwarranted and those that disobey will receive punishment to the fullest extent of His law

Do not defect from your tasks. Should you notice this female I request you act upon apprehending her and awaiting our arrival or notify us immediately should you be busy pursuing your own task.
Attempts at giving false information will result in punishment to the fullest extent under His law; let this be a warning to His disobedient followers.
Runners, Fighters, or those attempting to aid the female by giving false leads will be ignored. 

Associate of mine; I will contact you privately regarding our deal.

Companions of the Lady do not rejoice. She is currently within the woods as it darkens; alone; injured; bleeding; hallucinating. What are her chances of survival without us? The chances you'd find her? Tell me now then if you did; would you recognize her enough to coddle the damaged thing? How many of you would risk her knife cutting into your frail forms?

Do not rejoice for her escape. She may have just killed herself by doing so. Pray to your deities for us to find her; it is the only option that will bring safety to your party and herself.

I have not been able to contact her or detect her due to the protection warranted over the female. A third party member who will remain unknown has taken it upon herself to warrant weak but effective protections that I have been unsuccessful to purge. The world will be my eyes, I will invade every human's mind within the area if I need to in order to watch for the girl. Unfortunately that may be a general waste of time; knowing this one she would be prone to remain hidden due to her own condition. Unstable is she currently but not without some sanity still left in control. I know this from 85 being alive still and her belongings taken.

Awaiting at her home would be a waste as well due to the fact it would take her days to walk the distance; should she even know the direction to go in. We seek her now; preferring a body that is still harboring breath.

Lady of the Shade; I do not doubt you are reading this from your portable device. Let me say this; you have proven yourself well worth the trouble. You will die if you continue fleeing; if not from the terrain than from your body's reaction to the drugs when you are panicking. You may not wake up this time.
Listen well, Shady. That time I spent carving into your left shoulder today; branding His symbol; was time that has proven you are ours.
We are coming for you.
He is coming for you.
I am coming for you.
The task will not be compromised.
This delay will not last.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example

Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
She would not wake this morning. Unmoved was she with her eyes shut. A pulse was still found; I suspect a heavy sleep. The thing's mind was blank; a sheet of black. She would not wake through a shake; jolting her and beckoning did little. I freed it of the chains and grasped it by the collar; dragging the body down the hall to a bathroom.
The tub filled quickly and she remained asleep; for now. I leaned her over the tub and submerged her head within the frigid water. I left her held down until her body began to awaken. It was not immediate; a few flinches before realization hit. Her hands grasped the edge of the tub as a means to pull out but I held her down seconds more before giving her air.
Morning sunshine. She coughed on the floor beside me; shaking lightly from the temperature. I leaned down and pulled back her bangs to see the thing's eyes; I checked her pulse afterwards. All was well; as suspected it was only a deep sleep.
Her awareness came back; she reached forward grasping my tie and pulling. Another attempt to strangle me. I left her grasp immediately; 269 and 85 entering as I stood upon the other side of the room and fixed the tie. The Lady began pulling herself up; I took action against her. Transporting behind her I grasped the back of her neck and forced her back under the water.
269 and 85 awaited command; I issued them orders to leave and lock the door. They hesitated until I demanded obedience. Do they lack faith in my ability to restrain her alone? Looking upon her submerged self I sneered at the thought.
I gave her air briefly before placing her back under. The cycle continued 5 more times before I let her up for a while longer. Her mind was remembering water; flashes of her attempted drowning surfacing. Useful.
I grasped the front of her shirt and threw her fully into the tub; submerging her all at once in the same fashion she remembered once long ago. Her hands clawed at my sleeves; her legs kicked against the tub. The Lady attempted to roll out of my grasp but it would not budge. I continued submerging her until the memory triggered itself on its own. The following is what transpired:
The Lady was looking to the boy; older by a few years now they were. His face was stricken with sorrow and her own was confused. How rich it was when he tackled her off the bank of the lake; grasping her throat and submerging her within the shallow waters. She fought him entirely but he had grown twice her size; the female had no advantages to use against him. Her vision faded to black; the hands left her neck. Memory ended.
Had he thought this was merciful for what He would have done? What He will do. Murdering her was his only mercy left to give before he was consumed. How endearing. How did she survive?
I yanked her upright from the tub; she was choking on water. I dragged her out of it; dropping the female to the floor and with a swift kick freed her of the water that began filling in her lungs.
The pieces are falling together; the timeline still out of place. What led you to forget, Lady of the Shade? Did someone make you; the Caged One; was it Him? We will find out.
I will not describe the exact events that transpired over the course of the next few hours; they are ones that would be difficult to put into words. All that can be said is her grasp upon reality; on how long she's been here for has been greatly distorted. Minutes turned into hours; an hour into many days. She lies now upon the table after her outburst of fury. The table is dented more. The following is a conversation that transpired between the two of us:

"Where do you really hide, Executor?"
"I could be anywhere and you would never know, Lady. I could be within Heaven's palace and you could never reach me."
"That's stupid of you."

"What makes you think so?"
"You should know by now I would break down the gates of Heaven and find you. I would throw Heaven into Hell just to purge you of your existence."

"That is hate."
"That is justice to those that suffered from you; under His orders."

"That is also revenge."
"Just a bit."

"What if your Smiles had been within Heaven then as well? Would you destroy the one who taught you love?"
"Don't you know?"

"Don't I know what, Lady?"
"She'd be holding you down when I did it."

The female grinned; a streak of joy. Had I misunderstood something? Was her long gone Smiles not a human of innocence like she has continuously described? Or was their distant connection stronger than I could understand as of now? There was much missing upon this female that impacted the Lady greatly. The dismissive behavior on the young woman made me see there was nothing left to continue on with. The two of them were equal in understanding; creating any form of doubt was a waste of my general time.

I could not scar her heart with this Smiles. I discarded the other female aside and we resumed. Again I say I will not explain the methods used. Putting into words the way a mind can be twisted is far too difficult and I lack the interest in taking the time to put in the effort to explain such to the likes of you people.

I ponder now how many of you are here to see if she lives and how many of you are here to see if she dies. How many of you watch for the material I write about her torturous days? How many of you are here just from curiosity alone? I ponder this just as she ponders whether anyone realizes she is missing. Humorous; I have not told her I have been writing these posts here. Isolated once more the thing scarcely remembers the feeling of an embrace; of the care from another. Not that it was expressed often to begin with. Time distortion does wonders upon the mind of a captive. Discarded and replaced back home; the thing does what it can to remember those bonds it spent time to create.

We are coming close to placing her within an alike position she was in for years. Reverting her into the Caged One's state will prove effective. We are halfway there; I believe. Warmth is draining from the female once more; its anger and suffering surfacing and beginning to take dominance over the other feelings. Hours expanded within her mind into days; weeks. It is the advantage I needed. Every night she slept I have bound her legs and hands and placed upon her face a mask. The psychological effect was violent. I do believe the time I spent designing it was well placed; fitting for her broken mind. Perhaps I will send you a picture; or perhaps she will when this all ends.

She does not know they are trying to come for her. The thing has no motivation but her own willpower; its own resistance. When that is no more it will have nothing to fall back upon. It will have nothing to resist for. The Lady fights for all of you; what will happen when her mind begins to think none are fighting for her? Oh what webs we despicable creatures weave.

Would you kill her? I am seeing offers. Is that mercy when she could be brought back as something that cannot be saved? Do you think we would not do such? An undead example serves just as much as a living one; less fussy too. I may reconsider now; this is me being merciful.

The unlikely truth is that mercy will be withheld unless an accident happens. It is why I have been overseeing operations personally a majority of her stay here. The Advocate is precise; a sadist but a professional one. 269 would crack her too easily; I was more surprised when her thigh wasn't split in two. 85 is still a child; fresh but quick; he only watches, never touches.

Tonight we work once more; tomorrow we do what is necessary. She will be transported at some point regarding an exchange with an associate of mine. If we continue with the time distortion she will be less stubborn enough to leave my supervision for 2 weeks. Even then what I leave to go with her will be enough to keep her subdued.

Do not question me on the associate or the proceedings that follow with it.

Today has been a trying one. I stood by and personally watched the full length of the hours I kept her within the time distortion. The thing does not realize she is truly awake as of now; for she thought she had been all along. The Lady will receive brief moments to herself; to brood upon her predicament. Let her try to remember what it feels like to be held and protected for she will be not be here. Welcome to isolation once more, Lady of the Shade. Freedom exists no more for you; in life or death. We will prevail.


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
The Lady sleeps. She will sleep the full length of the night with a piece of me. I watched her for a short while; peering into her mind at the blackness she seems to favor. Its silence that of peace. I see now that is the only time of silence she can enjoy. Pity for her it will be ceasing.

I weaved together a web within her head; a lucid dream within a dream. In simple terms: I crafted a place for us to play without her becoming aware she was within a dream state. I do doubt it will last; her ability to adapt is fortunate for her and unfortunate for myself. I am intrigued to see how long the thing can remain within the dark for; so to speak.
I constructed it to fit the identity of where she was. The Caged One did not tread here; perhaps intrigued; perhaps it was not its territory to do so. Fortunate for me.

It was a quick construction I did during her time of being distracted by physical pain. When she slept I transplanted her conscious to acknowledge its new location to awaken within. Her temporary coma state was successful.

The female woke up; what felt to her like hours later; reality said it was only minutes. I entered the room we have been keeping her in, I believe she would take more comfort in it for it reflected alike traits as her basement. Cold, dark, made of cement. She was near the center of the wall; linked in shortened chains; relaxing sourly against the frigid wall. The female looked ready to pounce with her legs drawn to her chest; a look of death radiating from her.

How it and the Caged One mimic one another was intriguing on its own. Finding what was hidden within its head would be delightful. I was looking forward to feeling delighted. I beckoned in a new face to the scene; at least new to us. A child, a boy 9 years of age stood at my side and I did not need to introduce him. The Lady's reaction was silent but deadly; she looked between us both and finally stared upon the child for a lengthy period of time. I could see her skepticism clearly; doubt on how this was possible. I told her the following:

"It is as possible as your doppelganger back home."
Oh how that struck a nerve. I sent the boy forward to stand before her; she did not react with violence. The female regarded him as if he were a foreigner to this era. I watched her ignore my gaze from behind the mask; intently focused upon the child.
The Lady reached out and tugged on the sleeve of his sweater; inspecting the child from every angle she could. The boy was confused but did not object. She took his small hand in hers and examined the lines; every nick was traced over. Was he familiar to you now, Lady of the Shade?

She said the following:

"I am sorry but I do not remember you as well as I should. I did something wrong, didn't I?
I don't remember your name, I don't remember smile, your eyes, hell... I don't even remember your age.
Mr. Sunshine is who I know you as, a vicious man. But you're not vicious now, are you? No. Look at you. Who would have guessed I would find innocence in someone so tainted."
Not an exact memory but she was beginning to see the pieces come together. The boy shifted shyly; he recognized her all his own but did not have a concrete understanding as to why she was older than he here. Kindred spirits they were; they would feel happiness together as they would suffer together.

269 entered with a chair and plucked the child from her grasp. The reaction this time was a lurch forward but the Lady restrained herself to watch the events unfold themselves. I excused myself to the far side of the room and allowed 269 to bend the boy over the seat. That is what first set the female off. She sprung to her feet and moved out as far as the chains could take her. Demanding whatever was to transpire be halted. I gave no signal to stop; 269 had no reason to stop. He proceeded by unraveling the whip he had brought in with the chair.

The child began whimpering when 269 tore open the back of his sweater, shirt included; bare in the back he was. I watched the Lady's reactions change from seeing her attempt to cease the process was failing to resorting to a new method. Crouching down she directed the boy's attention. The following is what was said and transpired:

"Hey! Kid, hey! Look at me."
The child looked around as he held the back of the chair.
"Hey! Kid, kid! Pay attention now."
The child whimpered shakily.
"Hey! Look at me right now, damn it!"

He looked at her from between the metal bars.

"Look at me, right here. Right in the eyes. Don't look away, okay? Whatever you do just keep looking right at me until I say otherwise. Can you do that?"

He nodded.

"Good, you're a smart kid. Just keep looking me in the eyes."

269 began. The boy was none too pleased.

"Hey! Look at me!"

He pried his little eyes open and did so.

"Don't stop."

Crack after crack. Bleeding and the child did not stop.

"There you go. Just-Just keep focusing, okay? Pain doesn't have to be pain... You're stronger than that. Okay? You-You are a lot stronger the way I know you now."

"Like a hero?"

His little voice questioned through sobs. I saw her reaction; face paling considerably at the mentioning of that one word. I was glad to be wearing this mask during this time.

"Yeah... Just like that. Just like a he-hero."

Pitiful. She could barely ease the word out. Something to look into on a later note.

The process continued for a short while. The female and the boy had fallen silent and relied on the comfort of silence and locked eyes as a distraction. It did not take away his pain nor her own, however. Upon finishing 269 backed away and awaited. I offered the Lady mercy upon the boy, she looked the child in the eyes still and remained quiet.
I could feel the shift in the air; so to speak. A wave of doubt; despite her sincerity towards the illusion. She tried to peer through the folds I created within her own layered mind. I forced the dream to continue.

269 grabbed the child by the arm and carried him into a neighboring room. The screaming began and echoed through the concrete building. Let the girl imagine the worse; and how she did just that. Her body flung forward in a motion to grab my throat; the chains prevented her and instead made the female look like a trembling statue.

Then began the tremors. The Lady began her doubting further. The process proceeding faster than initially expected. Through suspicion her mind began pulling forth the event that she dreamed about and more. This is what was seen:

The two were in the field once more; he was dragged away by Him and she was left screaming. There was a transition to a dark town within the night; a building gone up in flames. Another transition to the Lady standing as a child within the night; a smile carved into her face as the boy stood across from her at a distance. Another transition to her submerged within the water; held down by two hands. It fades out afterwards.
Who is your attacker, Lady of the Shade? Could it be the Sunshine you seek to save? How does it make you feel?

Perhaps that was not the best question to ask a beast of rage. Her figure trembled; no longer was she looking to kill me. Her eyes focused upon her hands as they shook. I pondered what she was doing for no thoughts echoed through her head. It would seem none were needed. Her person shifted; the shaking of her moving so rapidly there appeared to be 2; ah; but there were, weren't there?

The Caged One has come, latching onto the Lady who was processing what she had bore witness to. One emotion in unison combined. Her hands formed fists near her head; trying to void the voice that tried to assist and soothe the forced memories. The combination of fury exploded; chains becoming useless. The room itself destroyed by one sudden outburst.

The Lady of the Shade screamed only one thing:

"You will never, never tame me!"
I dare not say for a second I believed her words; it was the stare that could destroy a thousand suns that imprinted brief doubt into my mind.
The thing's rage began destroying my creation; rather than give her such a chance I imploded it. Collapsing the structure upon itself and diminishing her flame. Within the world of reality I stood once more; she sleeping soundlessly at my feet.

Her mind has been shaken, I can feel it even now. She will remember; she will know of what transpired. Be fortunate, Lady of the Shade; that was all but a dream this time. Peering in I could see the Caged One upon the ground; breathing indicating it was well awake yet. I retreated for now.

The Lady awoken a little over an hour later; hysterically looking for the boy. I humored her which only served her nearly grasp my tie; I suspect she wished to strangle me with it. Realization came to briefly before she began second guessing. The drugs mixed with what message was still within her mind was doing wonders.

The female resumed her position against the wall and rested her head upon her tucked in knees. I watched for some time as the thing faded into its own little world. Yet this is not mania. This is the beginning of her adapting.

I have periodically been checking in on her to see the girl unmoved. So many thoughts; all stirring within her brooding mind. It is obvious to me that this boy affects her greatly, even when unable to remember him properly. Past emotions and defenses are triggered by instinct alone. I ponder; how much has she integrated into her instincts?

I have seen your home, Lady of the Shade. I have seen the care of your family. I have seen the care from these friends scattered from all places. Your compassion is beginning to be understood; yet I do not see what has corrupted your soul. Has He done more or are there other transgressions? What betrayals have you encountered? Is this why you stutter over the word "hero"? Has your own betrayed you or have you never found one? I will see it all.

You will beg to what gods you look to. We are done playing tug of war. Your heart is scarred; between the drugs and my mental play you have begun questioning tonight what is real and what is not. Where is the boy, Lady of the Shade? You seem to grasp reality so briefly now before it is taken away. Unable to keep hold. Let us see how you fair within the morning, shall we?

Think now, woman. Focus yourself; come morning you will be seeing what has twisted minds for years now. Are you excited? Yes; you are. Do not think I cannot feel your thoughts as they quake with a desire to pull me apart.

Mania calls to her and still she refuses it. I ponder; she may drive herself into it without my aid. Humorous that would be; unlikely all the same. Sleep well now, Lady of the Shade. You will need it.

Your companions need you to have it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
The more we push her the more she pushes back. She does not yield nor break; she takes what we have given to her and rises again. Is this thing truly human? I ponder this now; watching as the female stands idly within the filthy room. Every so often it tugs at the shackles we've secured around her four limbs. Does it believe their strength would have diminished over time; is that hope?
We will be coming to two days and already I find myself loosening my tie. Rather than succumbing to pain she reacts with indifference or violence. After events earlier this morning I called in three to assist; 271, 85, and 93. Assigning Proxy 93 to the room I watched to see if it would use whatever it did to pluck them from His grasp. No, it did not. It watched 93 for approximately 2 hours and 43 minutes without a break. That was only the two of them alone; earlier the Lady's gaze stalked them for longer. Intriguing. Afterwards she made conversation and said the following:
"Did you go willingly?"
93 shook nodded.
"Are you sure?"
93 nodded again.
"Have you been tortured?"
93 remained silent.
"Have you tortured someone ever?"
93 nodded.
"Did you enjoy it?"
93 nodded again.
"Did what heart you have flutter with the thrill?"
93 nodded again.
"Did you have problems when you were in school?"

93 remained silent.

"Were you hurt by others?"

93 shook her head.

"So you hurt others."

93 nodded.

"Did your family hurt you?"

93 shook her head.

"So you just had some need to do harm upon others?"

93 nodded.

"And you do so without regret, without a second guess?"

93 nodded.
"Have you killed?"
93 nodded again.
"What do you kill with?"
93 pulled out a knife from her sweaters front pocket.
"Butcher knife? Can I see?"
93 remained still.
"You think I can really kill you like this?"
The Lady jerked her arm in a stabbing motion horizontally. 93 came forward to show off the blade. 
The Lady proceeded then to end the conversation. It kicked Proxy 93 in the knee when in close proximity and took the weapon. Without hesitation the female stabbed the proxy in the underside of her chin and up through her skull. 93 did not survive; her own fault for not considering vertical movements. 271 broke into the room and attacked. The Lady drew herself closer to the wall where the chains originated from. As I suspected it was to give its body more movement.
To keep things short the female used that to her advantage. The chains keeping her here were used against 271; he was tripped. The female stabbed 271 in the abdomen 4 times before planting the knife within his stomach.
269 entered, he being a first to my beckon call I had trust in him being able to disarm and subdue the female. I was correct; despite her hostility against him. He took the knife and cut open her left thigh until the blade hit bone. I predict she will not be moving around easily from now on.
Upon the table again I dove into her mind. Her threats did not fall silent to my ears; and what threats they were, my, my.

I let her view her family. The girl panicked the moment she saw them. Intriguing. I pursued only for the thing to become paranoid severely. Nothing has occurred and already concern laces through it. Protected are they; I acknowledged this. It did not mean within her own mind they were safe. I spent 45 minutes taunting her with the possibilities.

Enough play. I sought answers; but still she had none to give. I tapped in further, coming to the Cage One once more who was not pleased. It took away the light that shined and allowed the blackness to fill. It trembled with rage and furiously roared until that section of her mind quaked. Not yet it would seem; I retreated briefly before returning and lashing her back into the darkness. I reached into the veil that suppressed her past and pulled forth something new. The following is it:

Childhood again; the female was walking down the street in her neighborhood. A car slowed itself upon its approach. This triggered a memory within a memory. Flashbacks of other times this car was seen before then. The face is obscured like all the previous times. The Lady looks to them and a brief conversation transpires; it does not seem she approves of the person. Each step becomes more distant from the vehicle; one suspicious sidelong look to the car and the memory fades. Her childhood figure disappears from that spot and the car leaves.
Was the Lady snatched? I look to the Caged One as she seethed to my right and growled the following:
No what? is now the question. No to my question or no to the time?
Good news is she did not seizure this time. I ceased my hold and allowed her time to eat and drink.

271 did not make it. Two of our own have been slain in the less than two days she has been here. That thing is adapting to its surroundings like a virus adapting to an immune system. No information was given to her about the two individuals she has killed; yet she determined them to be the ones that even if she had plucked from His grasp would have either come back or continued murdering on their own.

Did we underestimate this thing? It treads between harming and protecting at such a rapid rate. It concerns me as to how long this is taking to extract information of any kind. When I enter her mind I find nothing from the past other than what has already been spoken of. Things this female is used to. I plan to rely on the Advocate to lessen her resistance for a longer period. Physical strain with some psychological bonuses may serve us better.

I will await until she rests later to step in once more. A lucid dream proved to deliver more answers; even if I was eliminating everything she sent at me throughout it.

For now she has reverted to her silence. Even on the other side of the glass I can see her watching us. What will it take to break her; to tame her? Sensitive minds awaken from their slumbers when I intrude; this rejection is not normal. Unrelenting and brutal. I ask again, Lady of the Shade: Are you truly human? for your mind leaves footprints that say otherwise. Here I thought I experienced it all; it seems humans still have something left to offer.
I will be here until she sleeps; occasionally looking into the process. You have my time to waste; begin.