Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello miserable onlookers,

It would appear My Dark Journal; Victor has given chase. We have been frolicking across various places since yesterday. My copies are dropping like flies; my charges eliminated here and there. He has much to devour through; still I feel the need to move my original self to a new location. Due to him and the Lady; who showed an intriguing sign prior to her escape.

I have not been called from my task; the hunt continues for the female. Allies appear to be leaving the flock to come to here. I encourage this; more eyes to look through.

Now I see some have backed off; even better on my behalf. Already found; already followed. My pet is as good as a blood hound.

Excuse me now; three more copies have fallen. How fast this one moves; wait until he has to deal with the original. I have mused over transporting clones to the homes of the Fighters; to Runners; and seeing how fast those that reject and oppose him will last.

I may just act upon these musings.

Here we go now, Victor; play along. You have so much left to do. Eat up; like a starved child waiting to be put out of its misery.


  1. I'm at a lost. It would seem, at least in my findings, that Victor shows fealty to Slender Man. But, he's chasing you, another agent of Him? Have I missed something in my research, or is my perception off?

  2. Beautiful Victor is not bound to obey
    Not like the others
    He devours any
    Ally or enemy
    Any in between

    Do you hear that Exectur?
    He devours any
    Phantom or not
    It bears no weight with Victor

    How do you like that?
    Dont answer
    I already know
    269 says more by saying nothing
    Just the fact he is around says enough
    Keep running
    Keep fucking running

  3. i am. becoming more, as we speak here. this now is more than before
    i am knowing you, messenger. i see you very well.
    just a taste, another. drops of mercy in this vast pit.
    there is more and i WILL have it. yes, run. run out
    runoutof more. i would hasten more of these dreams and thoughts you have been keeping secrets messenger i taste them on my lips.

    likened to be awake. again. so very long.
    feed wakeup feed awake eyess open feed

    less and less and less your pieces are becoming fewer in between Executor. and i am
    for the rest.

  4. your horrible
    what the hell were you offered to do this???
    or are you just sick minded?

  5. is this a poetry slam???
    oh well i like your story so far X, keep writing

  6. Heh, how did I miss this little party? It's nice to know that the Runners aren't the only ones running you filthy cur.


  7. who is victor hes been toying with me sum ting about a game wut is this game i must no