Thursday, November 24, 2011


I was forced to pull back; once more Victor has decided to rampage through my territory. Proxies and a few clones have fallen prey to the mutt; seeing as the Advocate has decided to house the Lady I see no reason to further. It is unlikely he will budge, the Advocate's fun has always come before the job. As of now he is not my charge, it makes the situation quite frustrating.

I am a patient man, however. I can wait. Or, I can strike a bargain should it come to that. It is a slight delay that can and will be resolved swiftly. Had I not been such a busy man I would have attended the festivities that are soon to come to pass. Perhaps then you would see how serious this situation is, Lady. Alas, time is short. So while you play with your broken, fragile form; I shall tend to the work. I suppose you are smart enough to keep your lips shut about certain things, hm?

Victor, it was a game well played. You nearly caught Prosper; I bet my money on him, however. After all, I made that body into what it is. I am not even mad about you cutting down my charges. It was good timing to come when you did; distract me from the immediate task. Fun while it lasted but I am afraid I can no longer play fetch. The last of my charges have been pulled.

Onto other news: it would seem some dreamers are encountering some of my creations. This should prove to be entertaining.

As well, Mystery has finally touched down on the other side of the planet. She's engaging a clone of mine as we speak. Those that have come to call her family should be proud, she's really turning into something of use now.

That is all I have to say. A minor update for the curious.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A pleasure to have returned. To those less observant I have been quiet for quite some time now. Infecting the many minds of dreamers is no easy feat, especially when focusing on doubling the amount of copies I once had. Nothing that cannot be adjusted to; might I say I did a wonderful job at it.

Ferus so kindly captured our Lady, however; before I could come around for a proper pick up she had attacked and fled the scene. Her condition isn't pleasant from what I've picked up on. It is unlikely she will make it to her precious sanctuary anytime soon; given the distance. Without assistance she's useless as is. So I am pleased to announce the hunt for this human has begun.

Lady of the Shade, I am quite pleased that you have turned up with that information regarding the Ark. It was helpful to know how the Devil's Tower was a false lead; that puts a pause to my search for the Ark. Do you realize this opens up free time for me to not only send an assault to the lone Cultist but as well your weakened form?

You remember so well what I said to you, your tactics remain useful but you overlooked this possibility. Are you asking yourself yet all the little questions about what went wrong; how you ended up caught on a path that only leads to a dead end?

There must have been sweat on your brow at the first deal Ferus and I made. I am in fact looking forward to seeing for myself just what you felt when you woke up to him; when you realized your control was so little and mine was so grand; and his, as your captor; so overpowering.

As for Prosper; I cannot blame him for being greedy. Humans are just that; and he is still human to some degree. I cannot punish him for doing his job effectively; even if it means treading the guidelines. I can, however; punish him for not bringing you to me when he had you.

For you, Lady, and for his disobedience I raised him up and peeled every layer of human skin off that shell I crafted. It's remarkable how easy it is to cut you humans; how quickly a blade passes through the layers. It's even more so how long it took for every layer to peel away; it's something you'd think wouldn't take much time. It does, it was time worth wasting; and for wasting my time I punished him as well.

Alone in the wilderness once more, Lady of the Shade. Your Cultist seems to be fairing well, she's been tracking a clone over in... never mind. Your base is left with MASC in charge, your Proctor really your enemy and an unwed mother left to raise a monster. Such a mess you've found yourself within. How will you manage?

This will be simple enough to remedy; on my behalf I speak. Ferus, despite my displeasure at the last minute escape I applaud your handiwork. I have seen it; from the eyes of the blind. Growing closer now, Lady. This time mistakes will not be made.

She'll be heading South down the East Coast; should anyone notice anything do something about it and let me know.

It's so wonderful to be back.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


You are correct, Cultist, I have your niece. She sleeps now upon the bed of where my original self is. I have been exercising her mind and ensuring her body does not fall useless from long periods of sleeping. Your niece has quite the intriguing mind; many things to educate her on. I believe I'll answer some of her questions.

Did you get my message, Cultist? I thought you might enjoy that news. Shocking, hm? Put it to use, girl; that's your future.

Readers, you'll find out in due time what that means.

The girl is unharmed, for now. You are lucky I have her and not Him; had I not opted she'd be in worse condition. Plans can change no matter who her caretaker is, however. Pray that it doesn't.

Prosper is off tending to his own business; 85 is stationed soundly where he should be. Road Runner, I see you working behind the scenes. Little wretch.

As for Thuggee we are pursuing him. He's fallen quiet since engaging my Master within the woods. I do not need to elaborate on how well that worked out for him; it would seem his bite doesn't compare to his bark. My Master gave Thuggee quite the surprise, he did well to survive and fight back but overall failed. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you who speak so big.

Congratulations for surviving to try again, Thuggee.

My time is being split three ways. Clones are tending to dreamers, I'm still searching for the location of this artifact, as well tending to Thuggee. Any silence you hear from me should be understood by now.

I do believe I have a lead, however. Investigating it now.

Friday, September 16, 2011


I cannot begin to elaborate on my displeasure. I truly doubt you are capable of understanding the depths of it; perhaps that is of my own choosing to not allow you such a chance.

I became alert to the happenings when Proxy 85 threw himself into the fire. I ordered recon, observe only! The result of him disobeying an order was him nearly killed. 269 only intervened upon the last minute. This displeases me further yet does not surprise me in the slightest.

Thuggee's pet managed to eliminate 269's body, tending to the beast himself I could not waste the time to give my right hand something he was used to. I had to resort to tossing his consciousness into the nearest corpse the few times he found himself dead. My pet did something right; I came upon the gruesome discovery as to what he was doing. Dare I admit to smiling at my pet's cleverness; his murders all this time were placed within a circle around the mansion. Every body undiscovered; kept true to his word about working to complete the circle.

Despite the fact this corpse he inhabited was injured severely I punished him. Failure; for not intervening sooner when 85 recklessly sought to defend my targets. To put it mildly; that body fell dead and I thrashed his conscious being until it laid beaten. I spent time piecing together a new body afterwards.

Proxy 85 is healing, the child trembles with reason. He will be wiser than to be so headstrong in the future.

The battle itself was known to be a challenge, I saw through my pet's eyes a split moment before going to their aid. I personally went, despite a clone typing this now I did not allow such to face Thuggee. There is a difference between a clone and the master of them when it comes power.

269 is by and large not an easy target to eliminate, especially against you humans. It took a few tries in every body I flung 269's conscious into. Evading Thuggee was a primary concern while 85 was rendered useless, if not nearly dead. My charge managed to crawl out of the way; only when I pulled forth a horde of clones from various locations across the globe did my charge escape. I had a single one remove his form from the building.

My targets gone and having taken 85 with them I found no more use in staying; my purpose there was served. I took 269's injured form and left the filth hole. Let the claimed Hand of the Gods relish in a building in ruins with one cooked corpse, if he thinks such a victory I pity him.

I located where my pet was and teleported to him, 269 and myself appeared within a motel room with those upon my list. I examined each one of them briefly before lifting the boy off the bed. We left the fighters to tend to their battle wounds, my objective is greater than they at the moment. Count yourselves lucky, resistance; had it been the beginning of summer I would have taken all of you without a single thought.

Mercy has befallen you and I have many things to do.

I report now I am well, mere flesh wounds and the mental warfare is already recovering. Might I remind you I earned my position; my use is not in the battlefield but it does not mean I'm not capable. Proxy 85 needed immediate medical attention and was graced with it, we will be having a very strict lesson in disobeying orders when he recovers. 269 has been dealt with accordingly and is presently stretching his new body. His mask is damaged thoroughly, not by the battle but previous affairs with a certain Road Runner. He was punished severely for giving her the time of day; I care not she's one of his asylum wenches.

If you are curious on the status of the fighters I will report they are breathing. Their injuries range, they are all disturbed mentally but I trust they'll return to their stubborn ways in time; or break under the pressure.

I can assure you the being known as Thuggee and his pet Dodgy are a case that will be looked into effective immediately. This old well of souls has a job to do, I do remember telling you all that I am quite effective at this job, did I not? My purpose was served at the battlefield. Thuggee dares to begin assaulting His? I welcome him into war.

This new player to the field brings forth more troubles, such a burden to tend to so much work. My clones will have to continue the hunt; Prosper will solely have to tend to the resistance, 85 when he heals; and it would seem I will have to invest my personal time into creating a counterstrike.

Very well. His enemies shall come to understand my position; a businessman must protect his investments and his superior.

It would seem now is the time for this body to be put to use properly.

A global watch has been initiated.

A counterstrike has begun.

Such a pain.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Proxy 85 has been issued to 269's side for strict recon purposes. After analyzing his state and altering some previous issues he was released to full duties. 269 will be continuing to further his work while I tend to another hunt as well as the dreamers. 85 will remain stationed as an observer until further notice.

I have been working around the clock, of course time seems to matter little after so many years. Some appealing candidates have come to the table, I will be looking into them one by one.

It is official, Gallows and Graves are awaiting duty to be called into the battle as well. Congratulations, permission to exit your filthy wasteland will be granted when I see fit. I will admit that the two of them play not to rules previously established, for ones that serve Him they are as rebellious as the fighters. I am considering that as long as they do their job when called to it nothing else matters.

I am aware I have left a majority in confusion as to my change in course from the Lady, Cultist and the rest of their party. The treasure being sought is not one to report on just yet. Not until we have it. There are many leads that need to be exhausted, I am grateful for my multitasking capabilities.

Catching up on some of my targets I have come to a conclusion I am in need of burning down a building and eliminating evidence. I'll need to change my suit so on that note I'll bid you all a farewell. Until next time.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I intend to keep this short. My meeting with The Avatar went smoothly. After the events with the Lady of the Shade and her escape I was forced to forfeit one of my charges to go in place for a deal that was made. Proxy 85 has once more returned to me. It was refreshing to engage in such a meeting with that man, might I say I do enjoy the company of one that is well mannered.

As well, I have noticed there is a little busy bee floating around and searching for honey. My dear you have so much to do, do realize there are eyes watching now, however. I hope you do your homework properly unlike that first go. 

My attention has been brought upon potential candidates for hire as well as some previous ones. My my, the company I'll be around is surely questionable.

With my charge at my side we return to our work. The boy will be sent off for another recon mission while I attend some other affairs.

Do not ask of my affairs for there will be no answers.

There is much to do.

Yours truly,
Thy Executor

Friday, August 5, 2011


I have seen come Sunday things became quite interesting. The woman that titles herself as Road Runner, a former follower of His might I add; assisted in the escape of the Lady whom my pet, 269; attempted to intercept. While the Road Runner proved to be capable she proved to be even more so devious. Manipulating the situation within her favor to both distract 269 and push the Lady further into the direction she wishes.

I commend the Bird of Prey for her deceit. To use that of a friend of the Lady's as a diversion. To set aflame my pet; to burn him alive until there was nothing left.

I now hear news that the mutt and the corpse that follows close behind have taken one of the females from my list. Displeasure courses through me.

269 has been remade after his death; he was disciplined accordingly and put back together afterwards. That is literal for the most part, might I add. Victor and the Oracle have taken the Lady which leaves 269 to pull together his act; while slaughtering has been effective a new means must be sought. Things are to be done; properly.

Perhaps I shall involve myself soon; for now I still have other work.

Liam, glad to see you and your comrade are doing well. Figure out yet I speak the truth or are you still in denial? No rush; I am sure you will find out sooner or later.

Mystery Cultist, perhaps you should be looking elsewhere.

The Lady, wherever you are; do take more caution with Road Runner in the future. Considering your captors might I as well suggest you do not make yourself look appetizing?

Road Runner, do not take me as a fool. I know what game you aim to play with us and them; there will be no success for you.

I have a meeting among things to attend to now. Farewell in the meantime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Everything is in working order; we are making excellent timing. I have a scheduled meeting to attend to soon but with recent interests peaked another clone will take the place. When do they not, however? An acquaintance of mine I am eager to meet face to face with.

Liam and his fellow Degtyrev were back within Canada; the Black Pirates Pub was of a calm setting. The clone that types this to you now is the one that changed his disguise to a her disguise. The one that was originally devoured was a female with auburn hair, early twenties. Playing with her face and resurfacing the taken identity was all to simple.

If beauty bore any weight to us perhaps she'd be considered such. Perhaps; I say. It was not difficult to target the one I sought; Liam with his comrade at a round table alone. There were some empty bottles sitting on the table; the timing was flawless with alcohol already lacing through their system. Ordering two more drinks for them and popping the caps it was a simple tilt of the hands and both drinks were slipped their seeds.

I brought myself to the edge of the table; a single act that caught their attention. Perhaps it was the dress? The beers slid across the table, the heels caught a nearby chair and slid it over into my reach. There was silence as I sat my disguised self down and straightened; the woman's face I wore smiled ever so pleasantly at the two men.

Unaware they took the drinks and began making small talk. It was all too easy; living as long as I you become used to disguises; with as many consciousnesses as I have within me differing personalities are an easy tool of the trade to use. I watched every sip taken and counted down; their minds so blinded by the womanly figure to take notice in what was infecting their alcoholic beverages.

They began to weaken; tiring from the slipped roofies within their drinks. I found myself purposely leaning forward and encouraging them to get to their feet and leave. The resistance was none; if only a remark or two about their grogginess.

Upon leaving the pub I grasped both of them and we were gone; before any could take notice. I brought them to a very special place; the Lady would recognize it I do not doubt.

The chill of the small building ran through; I pulled the men up as they stumbled and began to sag from the drug. Within one of the cool rooms sat two tables upon opposite sides of the room; I dragged them each upon one before shedding my disguise. Oh how Liam tried to focus and stay awake; he managed to pull out his firearm and place a few rounds within this replaceable body.

Commendable, boy; means little to one such as I. His gun faltered and then dropped out of his grasp; fighting to stay awake prevented little. He collapsed upon the table only a little after his companion.

We played with one another; delving into his mind proved to be a challenge. Like the Lady herself he was sensitive; he resisted greatly. The weapons the mind can conjure within something akin to a lucid dream is quite fascinating. Yet I am of power when you all dream; be it awake or asleep. Did I not show you that with the Lady; despite her resistance?

I broke his attempted mazes; his weapons meant little to me. He ran and he fought which ultimately backed him into a corner. Like I found in a few others there was a barrier covering over something not meant to be seen. What is this; oh Liam, who are you? Perhaps I shall question what are you?

To say you are special is barely scratching the surface. All of the death that plagues you; years of war and seen famine because of it. Every conquest ever made. The battle scars I have found; what it is I believe you to be may just be true. Your little self going mad within this head of yours; caving beneath the stress that was there long before this.

Poetic. You have nothing to blame but what you are. Holding back, boy? Why not become what it is you are?

Your fellow Degtyrev knows about conquest; does he not? Quite the headstrong male. Not as crazy as you, is he? Easier to play with him; by a bit at least. Yet what is he to you? Just as important but not the one that has my interest.

We played our game and I released you both come sunrise. I left you miles from your town within the woods; I even awaited until you awoken before I left. Generous babysitter am I to you; encouraging you to see just how special you four are.

May you get some rest; perhaps see a therapist? You will need it in the coming months.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have taken it upon myself to investigate a certain expedition within the Alps. Have I captured your attention; those that know that of which I speak? Very good, things. I followed this team as they traveled from Italy to the Alps, as they searched for our precious find.

I followed as they left to France and decided they had spent long enough; I wanted details. I approached a small team that is apart of the group known as Blackwater at the Notre Dame Saint Michel Hotel. I intercepted the boys within the hallway as they approached their quarters; the colorful floors and mellow walls making them stand out. Their hands were already on their weapons at my appearance; I do so doubt my masked face gave them any positivity. Alas, I was not there to be a menace; unless they wished me to be so.

I offered them polite conversation even with the barrels raised. Army boys; I determined what they say about these things to be true. They refused my conversation so I offered them a bargain; that too was rejected. The tie was fixed into place before I began pulling apart the walls; their guns firing in my direction. To hit a man that can teleport is unlikely in most cases; Grof, their team leader, fired his cursed grenade launcher clipping my reappearance and singeing clothing.

The little devils ruined my suit with their petty attempts at eliminating my clone. I managed to separate the children, the Russian and American boys, Degtyrev and Baxter; were caught within the fiery hallway as the other two, Grof and Liam; were caught within the quarters with myself.

I pulled a second clone into combat to distract the lesser officer; the leader is who I came to speak with. Oh what a conversation we had; he swore and raged like the beasts from my previous encounters. I took what scarce information the leader offered; disappointed I turned my sights upon the other boy. His gun fired a final bullet into my clone; it vanished unable to withstand further torn organs. The young soldier turned to me; I grabbed him and relocated to the room next door; his back cleared the desk, the resistance of his bullets putting more holes within me proving more bothersome.

As I searched his mind he flipped open a blade, I assume it was taken from one of his pockets now; and stabbed through my tie into my chest. The lack of satisfaction at my lack of reaction would have been most entertaining had my own amusement bore any weight. Liam gave me little like the leader. Displeasing little thing; rude and vile, I cut open his neck until I felt the bone at my fingertips. He gurgled and he screamed even so more obscenities. Intriguing; the boy did not die. Only when the boy realized where my hand was and why the pain was so severe did the panic show. He stared at me with such confusion; even with the covered eye holes of my mask I wondered if he could see me as clearly as I him. Oh, pet; you amuse me so. The ripe fear that tore through your mind; my, my; what fear he showed.

I retracted and pulled out yet he did not stop. Bleeding all over himself; the wound still open. He leveled the gun barely; it wouldn't stop faltering as he wheezed. He fired his little bullets; rather than play any longer I left the boys with their torn apart hotel. Information proved of little use; it would appear this lead was more of a waste. My personal interest has been quirked; Blackwater boys you hide a secret within you. Congratulations; you have reached my list. This is but the first of our times together.

Let us hope next time for your sakes you have something of use, hm?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Congratulations ladies. You managed to survive Limeport Asylum. Your run in with the mutt and the one who holds his leash was entertaining. Lady, it is a shame you lost such a potential lead. Your dreams tell you more than you realize, however; perhaps you should look there more often. Fret not, thing; I do not weave webs there... yet.

Mystery your sister and I had a nice time together. She is a cruel thing; is she not? Your blood has disowned you and you them. That is alright, however; you have this family left. When they run slim in numbers you can become our example. We have patience, thing. Plenty of it.

That mutt almost had you two. Should be more careful in the future. Rabid dogs bite first, tear second, and kill last. There are no questions. I do believe all the employees under my influence prove to be an example of that. His leash bearer and master only encourage this behavior; there is no changing the mutt. You two should remember that.

Oh yes; one thing. Bird of Prey who I see now; do watch yourself little miss. You wouldn't want to break those wings or have them broken, would you? Tread carefully, you are walking upon thin ice and you have only just begun.

I will remain overseeing Prosper's operation now and then. My search has begun elsewhere. Awaiting the return of my charge as of now; we will begin the investigation.

Shortly now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have been generous to you all. Lending what little personal time I have in order to answer you. It is very pleasant to be back in business; I have added more copies into the world than I had previously. Each effectively working on you dreamers. Have you seen me? I walked the grounds of your minds yet not even a handful of you recall. Such is the way my life goes.

Mystery Cultist, you are as naive as you are crafty. Have you considered the message a little more? Probably not, hm? It is alright; I can forgive you. Give it time, child.

269, the Second Death has come to be. Build everything up and let them watch it fall. Let the First Death be the last.

While my copy is typing this to you I am enjoying myself on the island. The sand inside my dress shoes is warm and bearable now that things are proceeding forward. I may have lost the girl before but perhaps it is for the better. Yes. I see that now; there are many layers that need peeling away. Do not worry, Lady; you will be playing with some of my colleagues instead of me personally. I have others to cast my attention upon; you should help Mystery Cultist solve that message and keep and eye out.

I must turn my attention on another matter in the meantime. Do enjoy my copies and my pets; dreams, always seeing you.

The Search has begun.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I do enjoy it when hunches begin to take a turn to becoming factual. Only lightens my mood; my copies have begun to spread once more. More consciousnesses taken; bodies washed up. Re-purposed, I do enjoy it when a plan comes together.

Prosper is doing mighty fine; such a good little pet. I did enjoy seeing the present he left the Lady of the Shade. How you tease her little toy of mine. You have permission to take the leash; I look forward to seeing what chaos you bring. Proceed.

Onto the true meaning of this post. Mystery Cultist; I am very disappointed in you. A hysterical mother and you flee from her; not a very good daughter. She wanted to tell you a very important message. Poor little thing; she mopes now. Sleeping most of her days away. Not a very fun plaything, Mystery Cultist. The woman is so depressing; agonizing just to deal with her at times; but ah, the dream state allows me such pleasures; to erase such troubles.

You should have listened; I do believe you have time scamper on back to her. Listen to what she has to say before there is nothing left but gibberish drooling out of her mouth. Unless that is something you would prefer; given your dislike for your family.

Should you wish to save your mother from this fate all you need to do is listen. I will relinquish my hold. Should you not; well one less thing nagging you. That means, however; the message is lost and you lose something of value.

Respond when you have chosen.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I find myself growing tired; something that has not happened in quite some time. Victor has proven himself to be a hassle. Every copy of mine he takes from this world I feel fading. This is not simply killing; not like when a target gets a lucky shot. Those can just be remade. Victor on the other hand thoroughly consumes my copies. I am not going to bother explaining to you simpletons just what my copies are. I can feel my splits vanishing; it tears out fraction of me. Like plucking out a piece of hair. Like a soul being torn from the well.

I felt the remaining few vanish. There was no one he had left to go after but the original. The second the final one was gone I could feel his attention; exhilarating. Victor appeared from the shadows less than thirty seconds later. I welcomed him; congratulated him for seeing my true face; then vanished. He pursued me; as I am sure you are well aware.

My cabin in Iceland forever abandoned; shame for I was cozy there.

Saw Rome; Victor took out a column trying to grab me. Went to Spain; Victor crushed a horde of chickens and roosters. Visited Canada; dodged a moose; he tore it in two. We strode to the Caribbean; little too hot for my suited self.

Avoiding his grasp was a necessary precaution. With the report on The Executioner's demise I was quite certain no good would come of it. Upon entering the United States he managed to grasp the back of my suit, however. He was strong enough to pop the buttons off; it only served for me to slip out of it. I was gone again with him right behind me.

The next time he grasped me he tore my tie in two. How unprofessional. He was quick to adapt like the Lady of the Shade; only because like she; he could see the true me. The phantom that the dreamers never remember; the one those of flesh do not think twice of; but not these two. This era was showing promise.

Yet these promises were rejecting me; she; him. Perhaps the latter of which is only partially true; Victor looks to consume me like I have they.

When he came the next time he did so brutally; he reached me the moment I exited. His white; masked face pulled from the darkness; like an impending doom; his body, far larger than my own; broke through the fabrics of this reality. Allowing his hulking mass to keep hold of me was not on my list of things to do.

I was forced to relocate immediately once more. I reached out to a distraction and ported; appearing within a park only populated by a handful. That handful being of those I was expecting. The filthy rat growling only yards away. Victor came out next to me; his arm grasping my own but a sudden roar broke our attentions from one another. The colleague I locked onto was pulling off a darkened child; throwing the little girl into a nearby tree.

The atmosphere shifted; focus off me and upon the proxy. I watched as Victor advanced; vanishing as he moved so quickly and began tearing into Wildman immediately. Blood was drawn upon first contact; the shredding of fabrics; shedding of hair; patches of skin torn from the flesh; bones cracked. Like the Lady of the Shade described; like she remembered; an opening formed within Victor; from it tentacles sprang grasping Wildman within a strong hold.

Another colleague to be dead; better him than me.

I vanished from the warm sun to the cool air that came out of the mouth of the cave. I glanced to the flowers; poppies and lotus; herbs mixed within. The only place to ever feel as if it were a home to these old bones. The Mediterranean Sea air brought with it a nice scent; already putting off the days spent under Victor's strain. The entire island of lush green and other assortments of colors adding to it.

Cool and damp; the only warmth coming from the torches I lit. I followed through; passing the wall of a mosaic woman. It tugged a smile onto my face; mask removed and within my grasp. A beautiful sight; a familiar face; a past that was just that.

I looked forward to relaxing within the springs; may I tell you now it is quite refreshing.

I do not plan to leave soon. After Victor's chaos I need to lay back and regroup. It will be an easy recovery but one that will take time; splitting that many into the world again will need some altering. The process of re-purposing so many consumed consciousness’s can take time.

For now a copy types to you here; within a neighboring country to where the true me lies.

Sorry readers; looks like I live still. Your Lady was not avenged; not that he was looking to avenge her to begin with. Your enemy lives; the one you hate with such a fragile reason.

I expect delays with my posts and replies until things are organized once more.

To the dreamers I tend to now; those of the flesh and reality are all spared for the time being. Still upon my list, however; your comrades will only make it grow in due time. Of this I am sure.

With that said; I bid you a good night. For I have dreamers to attend to.

I bid the Lady a good morning; happy birthday; am I correct? I believe I read that right during your stay here. Well it would be a happy one had you made it home. Let us hope you do not turn up dead. Would be rather cliche if you do not mind my say so.

To your Mystery; where ever you may be; I am enjoying the panic you have stirred.

Last but not least; to your Victor; we must do this again sometime in the late future. It is a shame you did not devour some of theirs.


Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello miserable onlookers,

It would appear My Dark Journal; Victor has given chase. We have been frolicking across various places since yesterday. My copies are dropping like flies; my charges eliminated here and there. He has much to devour through; still I feel the need to move my original self to a new location. Due to him and the Lady; who showed an intriguing sign prior to her escape.

I have not been called from my task; the hunt continues for the female. Allies appear to be leaving the flock to come to here. I encourage this; more eyes to look through.

Now I see some have backed off; even better on my behalf. Already found; already followed. My pet is as good as a blood hound.

Excuse me now; three more copies have fallen. How fast this one moves; wait until he has to deal with the original. I have mused over transporting clones to the homes of the Fighters; to Runners; and seeing how fast those that reject and oppose him will last.

I may just act upon these musings.

Here we go now, Victor; play along. You have so much left to do. Eat up; like a starved child waiting to be put out of its misery.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Escaped: Between 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM; May 24
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)

More information provided below

Sometime between 3:30 PM and 4:10 PM on May 24, 2011; the female known as "The Shady Lady" escaped. Currently we are looking for clues as to how her escape was possible. Little has been found; suspects and theories will not be disclosed.

Our witnesses have stated the following occurred:

Proxy 85: The Lady stealthily slipped behind the boy and wrapped an arm around his neck. He struggled and knocked them both backwards to the ground. Her legs locked around his torso. She managed to pry off his mask and uttered the word "shit"; it is suspected her realization this was a child is what led her to not kill him. The female instead suffocated the boy until unconscious and continued on her way.

Proxy 269: Claimed he witnessed her escaping near the entrance and attacked her in an attempt to subdue. She managed to dislocate and then break his right arm. When he arrived the bone was sticking out his wrist; I suspect she pulled back his arm, dislocated it and then hit with force against his elbow, detaching the bone and tearing it out the underside of his wrist. Afterwards he still gave chase but even with her injured leg she used the adrenaline in her system to escape into the woods. He returned and is being tended to currently.

The Advocate: He claimed he did not see anything nor was aware of her disappearance until 269 returned. He brushed off the escape; which is not of surprise to us nor suspicious; we know the Advocate for only caring about his own entertainment and nothing more.

Myself; The Executor: I was tending to another affair while the Lady rested. If I have to be subjected to my own investigation like so than that alone is pitiful.

Notes: She obtained her personal belongings (cellphone; pocket knife) as well as took the mask I crafted for her outside of the dream.

Warning: The female, while injured is noted to be dangerous. Currently dosed with hallucinogenic drugs her body is producing adrenaline and increased paranoia. She is armed with a pocket knife; something she can easily kill with. With the state I last left her in it is obvious to note that she will attack first and ask questions later. This is a predator that wears the mask of prey; the Lady is able to perform murder without hesitation presently.

My suggestion is to not give her the time to notice you are there. Either apprehend her immediately with stealth or await till she grows drowsy. Do not take my words lightly. I am the one that has been overseeing this operation; I know what we have done to her and the affects this task brought upon her.

I issue this for any proxies that notice this female. Do not defect from your tasks; if she is noticed only then strike.

Do not kill The Shady Lady
Removing pieces of her body is unwarranted and those that disobey will receive punishment to the fullest extent of His law

Do not defect from your tasks. Should you notice this female I request you act upon apprehending her and awaiting our arrival or notify us immediately should you be busy pursuing your own task.
Attempts at giving false information will result in punishment to the fullest extent under His law; let this be a warning to His disobedient followers.
Runners, Fighters, or those attempting to aid the female by giving false leads will be ignored. 

Associate of mine; I will contact you privately regarding our deal.

Companions of the Lady do not rejoice. She is currently within the woods as it darkens; alone; injured; bleeding; hallucinating. What are her chances of survival without us? The chances you'd find her? Tell me now then if you did; would you recognize her enough to coddle the damaged thing? How many of you would risk her knife cutting into your frail forms?

Do not rejoice for her escape. She may have just killed herself by doing so. Pray to your deities for us to find her; it is the only option that will bring safety to your party and herself.

I have not been able to contact her or detect her due to the protection warranted over the female. A third party member who will remain unknown has taken it upon herself to warrant weak but effective protections that I have been unsuccessful to purge. The world will be my eyes, I will invade every human's mind within the area if I need to in order to watch for the girl. Unfortunately that may be a general waste of time; knowing this one she would be prone to remain hidden due to her own condition. Unstable is she currently but not without some sanity still left in control. I know this from 85 being alive still and her belongings taken.

Awaiting at her home would be a waste as well due to the fact it would take her days to walk the distance; should she even know the direction to go in. We seek her now; preferring a body that is still harboring breath.

Lady of the Shade; I do not doubt you are reading this from your portable device. Let me say this; you have proven yourself well worth the trouble. You will die if you continue fleeing; if not from the terrain than from your body's reaction to the drugs when you are panicking. You may not wake up this time.
Listen well, Shady. That time I spent carving into your left shoulder today; branding His symbol; was time that has proven you are ours.
We are coming for you.
He is coming for you.
I am coming for you.
The task will not be compromised.
This delay will not last.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example

Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
She would not wake this morning. Unmoved was she with her eyes shut. A pulse was still found; I suspect a heavy sleep. The thing's mind was blank; a sheet of black. She would not wake through a shake; jolting her and beckoning did little. I freed it of the chains and grasped it by the collar; dragging the body down the hall to a bathroom.
The tub filled quickly and she remained asleep; for now. I leaned her over the tub and submerged her head within the frigid water. I left her held down until her body began to awaken. It was not immediate; a few flinches before realization hit. Her hands grasped the edge of the tub as a means to pull out but I held her down seconds more before giving her air.
Morning sunshine. She coughed on the floor beside me; shaking lightly from the temperature. I leaned down and pulled back her bangs to see the thing's eyes; I checked her pulse afterwards. All was well; as suspected it was only a deep sleep.
Her awareness came back; she reached forward grasping my tie and pulling. Another attempt to strangle me. I left her grasp immediately; 269 and 85 entering as I stood upon the other side of the room and fixed the tie. The Lady began pulling herself up; I took action against her. Transporting behind her I grasped the back of her neck and forced her back under the water.
269 and 85 awaited command; I issued them orders to leave and lock the door. They hesitated until I demanded obedience. Do they lack faith in my ability to restrain her alone? Looking upon her submerged self I sneered at the thought.
I gave her air briefly before placing her back under. The cycle continued 5 more times before I let her up for a while longer. Her mind was remembering water; flashes of her attempted drowning surfacing. Useful.
I grasped the front of her shirt and threw her fully into the tub; submerging her all at once in the same fashion she remembered once long ago. Her hands clawed at my sleeves; her legs kicked against the tub. The Lady attempted to roll out of my grasp but it would not budge. I continued submerging her until the memory triggered itself on its own. The following is what transpired:
The Lady was looking to the boy; older by a few years now they were. His face was stricken with sorrow and her own was confused. How rich it was when he tackled her off the bank of the lake; grasping her throat and submerging her within the shallow waters. She fought him entirely but he had grown twice her size; the female had no advantages to use against him. Her vision faded to black; the hands left her neck. Memory ended.
Had he thought this was merciful for what He would have done? What He will do. Murdering her was his only mercy left to give before he was consumed. How endearing. How did she survive?
I yanked her upright from the tub; she was choking on water. I dragged her out of it; dropping the female to the floor and with a swift kick freed her of the water that began filling in her lungs.
The pieces are falling together; the timeline still out of place. What led you to forget, Lady of the Shade? Did someone make you; the Caged One; was it Him? We will find out.
I will not describe the exact events that transpired over the course of the next few hours; they are ones that would be difficult to put into words. All that can be said is her grasp upon reality; on how long she's been here for has been greatly distorted. Minutes turned into hours; an hour into many days. She lies now upon the table after her outburst of fury. The table is dented more. The following is a conversation that transpired between the two of us:

"Where do you really hide, Executor?"
"I could be anywhere and you would never know, Lady. I could be within Heaven's palace and you could never reach me."
"That's stupid of you."

"What makes you think so?"
"You should know by now I would break down the gates of Heaven and find you. I would throw Heaven into Hell just to purge you of your existence."

"That is hate."
"That is justice to those that suffered from you; under His orders."

"That is also revenge."
"Just a bit."

"What if your Smiles had been within Heaven then as well? Would you destroy the one who taught you love?"
"Don't you know?"

"Don't I know what, Lady?"
"She'd be holding you down when I did it."

The female grinned; a streak of joy. Had I misunderstood something? Was her long gone Smiles not a human of innocence like she has continuously described? Or was their distant connection stronger than I could understand as of now? There was much missing upon this female that impacted the Lady greatly. The dismissive behavior on the young woman made me see there was nothing left to continue on with. The two of them were equal in understanding; creating any form of doubt was a waste of my general time.

I could not scar her heart with this Smiles. I discarded the other female aside and we resumed. Again I say I will not explain the methods used. Putting into words the way a mind can be twisted is far too difficult and I lack the interest in taking the time to put in the effort to explain such to the likes of you people.

I ponder now how many of you are here to see if she lives and how many of you are here to see if she dies. How many of you watch for the material I write about her torturous days? How many of you are here just from curiosity alone? I ponder this just as she ponders whether anyone realizes she is missing. Humorous; I have not told her I have been writing these posts here. Isolated once more the thing scarcely remembers the feeling of an embrace; of the care from another. Not that it was expressed often to begin with. Time distortion does wonders upon the mind of a captive. Discarded and replaced back home; the thing does what it can to remember those bonds it spent time to create.

We are coming close to placing her within an alike position she was in for years. Reverting her into the Caged One's state will prove effective. We are halfway there; I believe. Warmth is draining from the female once more; its anger and suffering surfacing and beginning to take dominance over the other feelings. Hours expanded within her mind into days; weeks. It is the advantage I needed. Every night she slept I have bound her legs and hands and placed upon her face a mask. The psychological effect was violent. I do believe the time I spent designing it was well placed; fitting for her broken mind. Perhaps I will send you a picture; or perhaps she will when this all ends.

She does not know they are trying to come for her. The thing has no motivation but her own willpower; its own resistance. When that is no more it will have nothing to fall back upon. It will have nothing to resist for. The Lady fights for all of you; what will happen when her mind begins to think none are fighting for her? Oh what webs we despicable creatures weave.

Would you kill her? I am seeing offers. Is that mercy when she could be brought back as something that cannot be saved? Do you think we would not do such? An undead example serves just as much as a living one; less fussy too. I may reconsider now; this is me being merciful.

The unlikely truth is that mercy will be withheld unless an accident happens. It is why I have been overseeing operations personally a majority of her stay here. The Advocate is precise; a sadist but a professional one. 269 would crack her too easily; I was more surprised when her thigh wasn't split in two. 85 is still a child; fresh but quick; he only watches, never touches.

Tonight we work once more; tomorrow we do what is necessary. She will be transported at some point regarding an exchange with an associate of mine. If we continue with the time distortion she will be less stubborn enough to leave my supervision for 2 weeks. Even then what I leave to go with her will be enough to keep her subdued.

Do not question me on the associate or the proceedings that follow with it.

Today has been a trying one. I stood by and personally watched the full length of the hours I kept her within the time distortion. The thing does not realize she is truly awake as of now; for she thought she had been all along. The Lady will receive brief moments to herself; to brood upon her predicament. Let her try to remember what it feels like to be held and protected for she will be not be here. Welcome to isolation once more, Lady of the Shade. Freedom exists no more for you; in life or death. We will prevail.