Sunday, June 19, 2011


I do enjoy it when hunches begin to take a turn to becoming factual. Only lightens my mood; my copies have begun to spread once more. More consciousnesses taken; bodies washed up. Re-purposed, I do enjoy it when a plan comes together.

Prosper is doing mighty fine; such a good little pet. I did enjoy seeing the present he left the Lady of the Shade. How you tease her little toy of mine. You have permission to take the leash; I look forward to seeing what chaos you bring. Proceed.

Onto the true meaning of this post. Mystery Cultist; I am very disappointed in you. A hysterical mother and you flee from her; not a very good daughter. She wanted to tell you a very important message. Poor little thing; she mopes now. Sleeping most of her days away. Not a very fun plaything, Mystery Cultist. The woman is so depressing; agonizing just to deal with her at times; but ah, the dream state allows me such pleasures; to erase such troubles.

You should have listened; I do believe you have time scamper on back to her. Listen to what she has to say before there is nothing left but gibberish drooling out of her mouth. Unless that is something you would prefer; given your dislike for your family.

Should you wish to save your mother from this fate all you need to do is listen. I will relinquish my hold. Should you not; well one less thing nagging you. That means, however; the message is lost and you lose something of value.

Respond when you have chosen.


  1. I can’t say I’m surprised. Slime like you always pull shit like this. Vermis.

  2. You're a sick monster, you and all of them. Stay away from my dreams or I swear I'll use your tie as a noose and string you up like a piece of meat for the crows.


  3. Mystery: Well it would seem you posted it upon your own profile. Fair enough, thing.

    The Shady Lady: I am capable of being petty, thing.

    Through The Fog: I do what needs to be done.

    Doctor Proctor: Hello to you. You may have to try harder than that to eliminate me. I look forward to a meeting in the future; for now you are not on my list. I will be watching, however.

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  6. Disbeliever Of Sorts: I do not claim to always speak the truth. Pressing unto me such behavior; you insult me by wasting my time reading your dribble. You wish to have audience with me? Come back when manners have graced you; figure out your priorities. Perhaps separating yourself from the rest of the Yankees would do you some good. Now, now child; there is but another liar among us.

  7. Dear Brother, you're not very kind, are you? Hmm?

    Where have you gone?

  8. Trinity: It is a pleasure to hear from you once more. Kindness bears no weight here. I am stationary in a place most appealing. Where my copies are; well, they are everywhere.

  9. hello~!
    came in to congratulate you on your work!
    its marvelous, delicious, inspiring!!!!
    beautiful writing.

    keep on fluttering!

  10. Curiosity Killed The Kat: If flattery bore any weight here I am sure you would have barely scratched its surface; thank you.

  11. In regards to the Disbeliever or Sorts: I did not remove his comments; it was he who deleted them upon his own accord. Upon arriving to this post I found one already removed and the second visible. Replying to the visible comment I left; returning the next day to find he removed that one as well. How you humans rarely surprise me.