Sunday, June 19, 2011


I do enjoy it when hunches begin to take a turn to becoming factual. Only lightens my mood; my copies have begun to spread once more. More consciousnesses taken; bodies washed up. Re-purposed, I do enjoy it when a plan comes together.

Prosper is doing mighty fine; such a good little pet. I did enjoy seeing the present he left the Lady of the Shade. How you tease her little toy of mine. You have permission to take the leash; I look forward to seeing what chaos you bring. Proceed.

Onto the true meaning of this post. Mystery Cultist; I am very disappointed in you. A hysterical mother and you flee from her; not a very good daughter. She wanted to tell you a very important message. Poor little thing; she mopes now. Sleeping most of her days away. Not a very fun plaything, Mystery Cultist. The woman is so depressing; agonizing just to deal with her at times; but ah, the dream state allows me such pleasures; to erase such troubles.

You should have listened; I do believe you have time scamper on back to her. Listen to what she has to say before there is nothing left but gibberish drooling out of her mouth. Unless that is something you would prefer; given your dislike for your family.

Should you wish to save your mother from this fate all you need to do is listen. I will relinquish my hold. Should you not; well one less thing nagging you. That means, however; the message is lost and you lose something of value.

Respond when you have chosen.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I find myself growing tired; something that has not happened in quite some time. Victor has proven himself to be a hassle. Every copy of mine he takes from this world I feel fading. This is not simply killing; not like when a target gets a lucky shot. Those can just be remade. Victor on the other hand thoroughly consumes my copies. I am not going to bother explaining to you simpletons just what my copies are. I can feel my splits vanishing; it tears out fraction of me. Like plucking out a piece of hair. Like a soul being torn from the well.

I felt the remaining few vanish. There was no one he had left to go after but the original. The second the final one was gone I could feel his attention; exhilarating. Victor appeared from the shadows less than thirty seconds later. I welcomed him; congratulated him for seeing my true face; then vanished. He pursued me; as I am sure you are well aware.

My cabin in Iceland forever abandoned; shame for I was cozy there.

Saw Rome; Victor took out a column trying to grab me. Went to Spain; Victor crushed a horde of chickens and roosters. Visited Canada; dodged a moose; he tore it in two. We strode to the Caribbean; little too hot for my suited self.

Avoiding his grasp was a necessary precaution. With the report on The Executioner's demise I was quite certain no good would come of it. Upon entering the United States he managed to grasp the back of my suit, however. He was strong enough to pop the buttons off; it only served for me to slip out of it. I was gone again with him right behind me.

The next time he grasped me he tore my tie in two. How unprofessional. He was quick to adapt like the Lady of the Shade; only because like she; he could see the true me. The phantom that the dreamers never remember; the one those of flesh do not think twice of; but not these two. This era was showing promise.

Yet these promises were rejecting me; she; him. Perhaps the latter of which is only partially true; Victor looks to consume me like I have they.

When he came the next time he did so brutally; he reached me the moment I exited. His white; masked face pulled from the darkness; like an impending doom; his body, far larger than my own; broke through the fabrics of this reality. Allowing his hulking mass to keep hold of me was not on my list of things to do.

I was forced to relocate immediately once more. I reached out to a distraction and ported; appearing within a park only populated by a handful. That handful being of those I was expecting. The filthy rat growling only yards away. Victor came out next to me; his arm grasping my own but a sudden roar broke our attentions from one another. The colleague I locked onto was pulling off a darkened child; throwing the little girl into a nearby tree.

The atmosphere shifted; focus off me and upon the proxy. I watched as Victor advanced; vanishing as he moved so quickly and began tearing into Wildman immediately. Blood was drawn upon first contact; the shredding of fabrics; shedding of hair; patches of skin torn from the flesh; bones cracked. Like the Lady of the Shade described; like she remembered; an opening formed within Victor; from it tentacles sprang grasping Wildman within a strong hold.

Another colleague to be dead; better him than me.

I vanished from the warm sun to the cool air that came out of the mouth of the cave. I glanced to the flowers; poppies and lotus; herbs mixed within. The only place to ever feel as if it were a home to these old bones. The Mediterranean Sea air brought with it a nice scent; already putting off the days spent under Victor's strain. The entire island of lush green and other assortments of colors adding to it.

Cool and damp; the only warmth coming from the torches I lit. I followed through; passing the wall of a mosaic woman. It tugged a smile onto my face; mask removed and within my grasp. A beautiful sight; a familiar face; a past that was just that.

I looked forward to relaxing within the springs; may I tell you now it is quite refreshing.

I do not plan to leave soon. After Victor's chaos I need to lay back and regroup. It will be an easy recovery but one that will take time; splitting that many into the world again will need some altering. The process of re-purposing so many consumed consciousness’s can take time.

For now a copy types to you here; within a neighboring country to where the true me lies.

Sorry readers; looks like I live still. Your Lady was not avenged; not that he was looking to avenge her to begin with. Your enemy lives; the one you hate with such a fragile reason.

I expect delays with my posts and replies until things are organized once more.

To the dreamers I tend to now; those of the flesh and reality are all spared for the time being. Still upon my list, however; your comrades will only make it grow in due time. Of this I am sure.

With that said; I bid you a good night. For I have dreamers to attend to.

I bid the Lady a good morning; happy birthday; am I correct? I believe I read that right during your stay here. Well it would be a happy one had you made it home. Let us hope you do not turn up dead. Would be rather cliche if you do not mind my say so.

To your Mystery; where ever you may be; I am enjoying the panic you have stirred.

Last but not least; to your Victor; we must do this again sometime in the late future. It is a shame you did not devour some of theirs.