Monday, August 22, 2011


I intend to keep this short. My meeting with The Avatar went smoothly. After the events with the Lady of the Shade and her escape I was forced to forfeit one of my charges to go in place for a deal that was made. Proxy 85 has once more returned to me. It was refreshing to engage in such a meeting with that man, might I say I do enjoy the company of one that is well mannered.

As well, I have noticed there is a little busy bee floating around and searching for honey. My dear you have so much to do, do realize there are eyes watching now, however. I hope you do your homework properly unlike that first go. 

My attention has been brought upon potential candidates for hire as well as some previous ones. My my, the company I'll be around is surely questionable.

With my charge at my side we return to our work. The boy will be sent off for another recon mission while I attend some other affairs.

Do not ask of my affairs for there will be no answers.

There is much to do.

Yours truly,
Thy Executor

Friday, August 5, 2011


I have seen come Sunday things became quite interesting. The woman that titles herself as Road Runner, a former follower of His might I add; assisted in the escape of the Lady whom my pet, 269; attempted to intercept. While the Road Runner proved to be capable she proved to be even more so devious. Manipulating the situation within her favor to both distract 269 and push the Lady further into the direction she wishes.

I commend the Bird of Prey for her deceit. To use that of a friend of the Lady's as a diversion. To set aflame my pet; to burn him alive until there was nothing left.

I now hear news that the mutt and the corpse that follows close behind have taken one of the females from my list. Displeasure courses through me.

269 has been remade after his death; he was disciplined accordingly and put back together afterwards. That is literal for the most part, might I add. Victor and the Oracle have taken the Lady which leaves 269 to pull together his act; while slaughtering has been effective a new means must be sought. Things are to be done; properly.

Perhaps I shall involve myself soon; for now I still have other work.

Liam, glad to see you and your comrade are doing well. Figure out yet I speak the truth or are you still in denial? No rush; I am sure you will find out sooner or later.

Mystery Cultist, perhaps you should be looking elsewhere.

The Lady, wherever you are; do take more caution with Road Runner in the future. Considering your captors might I as well suggest you do not make yourself look appetizing?

Road Runner, do not take me as a fool. I know what game you aim to play with us and them; there will be no success for you.

I have a meeting among things to attend to now. Farewell in the meantime.