Monday, August 22, 2011


I intend to keep this short. My meeting with The Avatar went smoothly. After the events with the Lady of the Shade and her escape I was forced to forfeit one of my charges to go in place for a deal that was made. Proxy 85 has once more returned to me. It was refreshing to engage in such a meeting with that man, might I say I do enjoy the company of one that is well mannered.

As well, I have noticed there is a little busy bee floating around and searching for honey. My dear you have so much to do, do realize there are eyes watching now, however. I hope you do your homework properly unlike that first go. 

My attention has been brought upon potential candidates for hire as well as some previous ones. My my, the company I'll be around is surely questionable.

With my charge at my side we return to our work. The boy will be sent off for another recon mission while I attend some other affairs.

Do not ask of my affairs for there will be no answers.

There is much to do.

Yours truly,
Thy Executor


  1. I wrote it with the intention of changing what was inside. My homework was done, dear.

    Though, I will change a few things to allow me to mention your wonderful charges. Thanks for the headsup, I appreciate it.

  2. Was this the blue avatar or the twelve year old avatar or the wizard with a gun avatar or someone else that The Mad Ventriloquist is forgetting about?

    The Mad Ventriloquist does like reading the executor's blog, but sometimes he feels like he's missing something. Has the executor considered bullet points or something to help catch people up? That would be useful.

  3. If you want the bullet point version, TMV, I just wrote about the Executor. I also updated what I had to explain about the Avatar and the Syndicate.

  4. After reading, I am in agreement with TMV.
    Though, I expect Executor probably enjoys our confusion...

  5. Dia: Continue flagging them your way; saves me time. You may be in for some benefits in the future.

    The Mad Ventriloquist: It is only because I have no posted information pertaining to what I am doing. All will be known soon. For now all that needs to be known is I am actively involved with the dreamers and am doing some of my own research. Thank you, it is quite pleasant to hear you enjoy my notes. As well, The Avatar is none of those.

    Zia: Your confusion is very beneficial to me, however; I leave you questioning because I so choose to. Soon things will be known.

  6. -shrug- Any information you can give me would probably be helpful. I just love keeping track of Proxies with intelligence. It makes writing a lot less tedious.

  7. Dia: I welcome you to seek knowledge and ask questions; let it be known I may not answer all for various reasons.

  8. Of course you wouldn't answer all of my questions. Not only would that take all the fun out of it, but it would most likely put a serious thorn in your side if I were to write about any of it.

    I'm not guaranteed to do so, depending on how much my keeping my mouth shut would help others. Though, the likelihood of your trusting me with such things is Slim to None, and I think Slim just got shot. ;)

    Is there anything you CAN tell us about the Avatar and the Syndicate? How are you healing, by the way? Have your copies been able to stay alive in this new set of battles? I, of course, don't know what the hell you're doing.

    I dislike the possible partnership with Gallows, but that can't be avoided. I can, however, ask that if you see a mistake that I have made in the future, you help me to correct it. I don't mind being wrong, I simply mind not knowing what to do about it.

    For now, that should be all. -Dia

  9. Actually, I feel like a complete idiot. It was vindicate, not syndicate. Why the hell I was thinking they were like the mob, I don't bloody know. Damn it. This one, feel free to mock me for. I know screwed up on it. Blog changed to reflect said information.

    By the way, I just realized I have the group followed, and know the people inside of it. Will there be research? This very freakin' night. At least my screw up had good results.

  10. Dia: You talk a lot. When it comes to my associate The Avatar you should do well to get his organization right. It is not Syndicate; it is VINDICATE. Glad you were able to correct that in fair time. As for my healing that was done a while ago; my copies are doing more than fine. You do not know because I wish you not to know yet; like a great many things. I'll answer some questions but as for the others you may find out on your own.

    Gallows and Graves will be put to use in the future. You have nothing to worry over now; less you be troubled by their current affairs. As for your mistakes you assume I have the leisure to do such. If I find myself with such time when not leaving you things these little comment than perhaps I will do so. You may be of use yet.

  11. I speak alot, for I wish to gain more knowledge. The research about that organization will happen soon enough, it isn't like they haven't left enough clues fluttering around for whoever is looking for them. Why don't I make it simple, and just ask you what information you ARE willing to part with?

    I don't worry about the killers, for I have no reason to. Let him have his fun, and yours. Executor, since when did you decide that speaking down to me for being interested in the quest for knowledge was a good idea? Do you perhaps believe that it will deter me? To err, human. To forgive, divine. Or have you never heard of such things? I have no interest in quarreling over what little facts I have gotten wrong. So far, I have corrected each one in due time, before it was even brought to my attention. As for helping you, well, my previous statement remains. I am not a 'thing', you may stop referring to me as such. You are a gentleman in many ways, but a rude man in this one. Be sure to correct that, if you don't want your reputation tarnished.

  12. Dia: VINDICATE is an organization run by the one they call Master. The Avatar is his right hand. Objectives will become public in due time. Anything more?

    Fun bears no weight here; if they are useful they live longer. If I wished to deter you things would be proceeding differently. Had I cared for my reputation as a gentleman I would be more careful to keep it intact. I call you by what you are to Him; a thing, like the rest of us. I believe that sums up the main points, hm? By the way, pet; have you been sleeping well?

  13. The facts you just gave me about VINDICATE, I could find by going to the Avatar's page. Is that really all you have to tell me? Surely you can afford more.

    I am, technically, useful so long as I continue to write about relevant subjects. You could even think of it as that much more publicity for Him and those I write about. But, my dear, you are not Him. You are an independent person from Him, you merely carry out his orders as his Executor. Do you honestly have no autonomy, no choice away from what your master says?

    I do like pet, that is a simple enough term. You know as well as I do how I have been sleeping. I haven't posted anything more of my dreams for fear of what the knowledge might do. You showed up after the most significant one, so I can at least rule out your meddling.

  14. Dia: Do you not like surprises? Surely you can wait and see what I know and they know to be known, hm?

    Who is to say I am the one weaving your dreams? You seem so quickly to jump to such a conclusion.

  15. Somehow I get the feeling your surprises hurt people. Your influence in my dreams would be obvious.

    Last night... I do think a dreamweaver found me. Someone from the other side, that can somehow manipulate actions. I never have nightmares, and last night was the first in many months.

  16. Dia: Dreamweavers exist. A lucid dreamer is a lesser dreamweaver; the fantastic weavers have dwindled down to nearly none now. Those that remain are tricksters or hunger; filled with little purpose other than survival. Tricksters have no agenda but to cause mischief. Perhaps this token will be of reassurance to your previous night, pet.

  17. Dreams are the one place that I haven't had to fret. These lucid dreams, they were like another world that there was no Slenderman, no shadows in the dark, no Fears to haunt me. They were beautiful.

    The contrast between that, and what happened last night... if I find out who it was, I will make an exception to a rule of mine, and hate this bastard. Even a dream about becoming a Proxy would have been better than this.

    I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rant. Thank you for the reassurance, it does help, somehow. Hopefully the trickster goes far away. Nights like those could drive one insane.

  18. Dia: Whatever happened is over with; now you are aware and prepared for the next visit, hm? Do make yourself proud, pet.

  19. If you say so. Honestly at this point, I'm more distracted by the massive migraine that comes with writing about Morningstar. I now amend my opinion of you: I would rather have a batshit insane Proxy that knew how to be subtle in my dreams, than a goddamn psychopathic playtoy of His torching elementary schools and hospitals!

    I mean, seriously, how in the hell has this guy not gotten killed about a million times over? Ugh. Expect this thing to be posted soon, after that, I never want to read anything of his other than follower's postings EVER AGAIN.

    Though, again, thank you. It's nice not having to clash horns with Proxies.

  20. Dia: Some individuals are easy to kill, some are not. Some have a habit of evading it; a natural talent or calculated mind. If luck was involved it would have run out on the first go; do consider what you are estimating. You are welcome, however.

  21. It's been a while since I've heard from you. I know it's a little off topic, but are you alright? Let me know.

  22. did you say Avatar did you know revloon is being chased by his group

    wait why the helll am I commenting on a proxy blog when I'm being manhunted
    nice one J

    well have a good day I wish you nothing but good health and all that crap

  23. Oh yes. He knows. He's very, very much aware of what is going on with Revloon. I suspect Revloon will wind up hurt if their little deal goes through.

    You got bored and wanted information?

  24. Dia: I am well; been quite busy. My copy that sits to type to you all has been on recon. Revloon is one of those on my list I observe; Avatar as well. Our deal is complete; for now.

    J: You commented and you know why that is; do not play naive, boy. As I mentioned to Dia; I am very much aware.

  25. Okay you got me
    Good job
    Woops gotta go
    I think they found me

  26. J: If you have nothing relevant to say don't say anything at all. No one is being lured by your attention seeking ways. We are not moved and I have no interest in you and enabling your ways further. Begone.

  27. Well then. I always get nervous when you don't post, Executor...

  28. Dia: He requires me somewhere else. Long before this internet existed my time was given full to His demands. It is what I am used to; those that follow this should become aware of such.