Thursday, November 10, 2011


A pleasure to have returned. To those less observant I have been quiet for quite some time now. Infecting the many minds of dreamers is no easy feat, especially when focusing on doubling the amount of copies I once had. Nothing that cannot be adjusted to; might I say I did a wonderful job at it.

Ferus so kindly captured our Lady, however; before I could come around for a proper pick up she had attacked and fled the scene. Her condition isn't pleasant from what I've picked up on. It is unlikely she will make it to her precious sanctuary anytime soon; given the distance. Without assistance she's useless as is. So I am pleased to announce the hunt for this human has begun.

Lady of the Shade, I am quite pleased that you have turned up with that information regarding the Ark. It was helpful to know how the Devil's Tower was a false lead; that puts a pause to my search for the Ark. Do you realize this opens up free time for me to not only send an assault to the lone Cultist but as well your weakened form?

You remember so well what I said to you, your tactics remain useful but you overlooked this possibility. Are you asking yourself yet all the little questions about what went wrong; how you ended up caught on a path that only leads to a dead end?

There must have been sweat on your brow at the first deal Ferus and I made. I am in fact looking forward to seeing for myself just what you felt when you woke up to him; when you realized your control was so little and mine was so grand; and his, as your captor; so overpowering.

As for Prosper; I cannot blame him for being greedy. Humans are just that; and he is still human to some degree. I cannot punish him for doing his job effectively; even if it means treading the guidelines. I can, however; punish him for not bringing you to me when he had you.

For you, Lady, and for his disobedience I raised him up and peeled every layer of human skin off that shell I crafted. It's remarkable how easy it is to cut you humans; how quickly a blade passes through the layers. It's even more so how long it took for every layer to peel away; it's something you'd think wouldn't take much time. It does, it was time worth wasting; and for wasting my time I punished him as well.

Alone in the wilderness once more, Lady of the Shade. Your Cultist seems to be fairing well, she's been tracking a clone over in... never mind. Your base is left with MASC in charge, your Proctor really your enemy and an unwed mother left to raise a monster. Such a mess you've found yourself within. How will you manage?

This will be simple enough to remedy; on my behalf I speak. Ferus, despite my displeasure at the last minute escape I applaud your handiwork. I have seen it; from the eyes of the blind. Growing closer now, Lady. This time mistakes will not be made.

She'll be heading South down the East Coast; should anyone notice anything do something about it and let me know.

It's so wonderful to be back.

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  1. what is it about you emotionless creature i envy so much........i think its the way that you find pleasure in things that make sense.
    like a well oiled machine, you do your job. and you do it well. a machine that does not kill, yet directs death.
    you personally do very little to cause destruction, yet you conduct it like the finest symphony.

    this is the only reason i positively acknowledge sadness. it makes me see clearly.

    not that you care, executor, but i have found a new respect for you.

    do with this little snippet what you wish. i have contemplating to do.