Thursday, October 13, 2011


You are correct, Cultist, I have your niece. She sleeps now upon the bed of where my original self is. I have been exercising her mind and ensuring her body does not fall useless from long periods of sleeping. Your niece has quite the intriguing mind; many things to educate her on. I believe I'll answer some of her questions.

Did you get my message, Cultist? I thought you might enjoy that news. Shocking, hm? Put it to use, girl; that's your future.

Readers, you'll find out in due time what that means.

The girl is unharmed, for now. You are lucky I have her and not Him; had I not opted she'd be in worse condition. Plans can change no matter who her caretaker is, however. Pray that it doesn't.

Prosper is off tending to his own business; 85 is stationed soundly where he should be. Road Runner, I see you working behind the scenes. Little wretch.

As for Thuggee we are pursuing him. He's fallen quiet since engaging my Master within the woods. I do not need to elaborate on how well that worked out for him; it would seem his bite doesn't compare to his bark. My Master gave Thuggee quite the surprise, he did well to survive and fight back but overall failed. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you who speak so big.

Congratulations for surviving to try again, Thuggee.

My time is being split three ways. Clones are tending to dreamers, I'm still searching for the location of this artifact, as well tending to Thuggee. Any silence you hear from me should be understood by now.

I do believe I have a lead, however. Investigating it now.


  1. Executor, don't hurt E-Bear. We're going to find you, it would be in your best interest not to make this worse for yourself.

  2. You have no idea what you have taken under your wing, do you?

  3. The Shady Lady: You may try to find me. Your Cultist will be busy for a long time; do be sure to have some alternate plans without her protection. Shame if something were to happen to you.

    Mister Creevey: You speak of the terrible two? I have some things in mind. After what you pulled it would seem I'll just have to dig a little deeper.

  4. Wonderful, I love it when some of my theroies are proven correct, and even when the wrong ones are revealed I learn more. A pleasure to find you, Executor.

    See you around

  5. What a good little pet you are.

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful service to the gods. Perhaps you will receive a pardon for your rebellious actions once I have finished with the Earth.

  6. Oh blah blah blah, doesn't anyone ever think to ask the questions that matter? It's either posturing or mindlessly talking about this or that.

    Did anyone ever think of bargaining? Of trying to do something besides threaten and boast?

    Shit, at least Shady was smart enough to ask he not hurt the child.

  7. Hehehe I think Dia is PMSing.

    Hey Executor! Looks like you've got your hands full, but if you need any help with anything I'm still as handy with a knife as I was when we captured TheShadyLady so long ago. Maybe a tad less sane... but that only makes it better!

  8. No, I'm irritated that a child is missing and Shady is the only one talking to Executor about trying to find her.

    I would ask if you thought you could do better, but really, you're much more likely help Executor pull off some hare-brained scheme than help the child.

  9. Freedomcaged: The pleasure is all mine.

    Thuggee: I am not your pet, thing. The gods you wish to brag about whenever the moment suits you mean nothing to me. You may return your head to being up their ass now.

    Dia: The child is fine. If you have questions to ask I suggest you do so instead of scolding the rest of the things.

    The Advocate: I will have to take you up on that, it would seem my previous motive has been foiled. We will have to discuss this quite soon.