Thursday, November 24, 2011


I was forced to pull back; once more Victor has decided to rampage through my territory. Proxies and a few clones have fallen prey to the mutt; seeing as the Advocate has decided to house the Lady I see no reason to further. It is unlikely he will budge, the Advocate's fun has always come before the job. As of now he is not my charge, it makes the situation quite frustrating.

I am a patient man, however. I can wait. Or, I can strike a bargain should it come to that. It is a slight delay that can and will be resolved swiftly. Had I not been such a busy man I would have attended the festivities that are soon to come to pass. Perhaps then you would see how serious this situation is, Lady. Alas, time is short. So while you play with your broken, fragile form; I shall tend to the work. I suppose you are smart enough to keep your lips shut about certain things, hm?

Victor, it was a game well played. You nearly caught Prosper; I bet my money on him, however. After all, I made that body into what it is. I am not even mad about you cutting down my charges. It was good timing to come when you did; distract me from the immediate task. Fun while it lasted but I am afraid I can no longer play fetch. The last of my charges have been pulled.

Onto other news: it would seem some dreamers are encountering some of my creations. This should prove to be entertaining.

As well, Mystery has finally touched down on the other side of the planet. She's engaging a clone of mine as we speak. Those that have come to call her family should be proud, she's really turning into something of use now.

That is all I have to say. A minor update for the curious.


  1. The events I have become synonymous with appear to parallel the event experienced by your particular group of friends and enemies. These copies or proxies as it were. Do any of them happen to walk on four legs? Do they crawl like a lizard like a bastard like a creature that has already had to much to eat but cannot satiate itself?

    Because I have seen them seen them saw them what is proper? They are white with eyes or what appear to be eyes but what might be lights... They're crawling around my home ever since I got back from there... I kill them each day but they keep coming... Are they yours? The dogs?

    Are they your masters? Why do they want me? I kept one of them and tried to pressure it for answers. It looked at me and growled with vehemence.

    Do you know what it is?

  2. Gweithredwr: I have many creatures that can be conjured within your minds. I do not make creature clones; they draw far too much attention. They remain within the dreamers mind, should I or my clones visit. I cannot say that sounds like one of mine; they wouldn't have been so careless to leave you aware, or alive.

    I have only one Master. Learn your place.

  3. I always get nervous when you get quiet.

  4. Ah Mystery is learning to be an adequate footstool, now isn't she?

    She is mine, Executor. Distract her all you like, but remember that.

    1. Distract her? I'm doing far more than that, Thuggee. Far more.