Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Escaped: Between 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM; May 24
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)

More information provided below

Sometime between 3:30 PM and 4:10 PM on May 24, 2011; the female known as "The Shady Lady" escaped. Currently we are looking for clues as to how her escape was possible. Little has been found; suspects and theories will not be disclosed.

Our witnesses have stated the following occurred:

Proxy 85: The Lady stealthily slipped behind the boy and wrapped an arm around his neck. He struggled and knocked them both backwards to the ground. Her legs locked around his torso. She managed to pry off his mask and uttered the word "shit"; it is suspected her realization this was a child is what led her to not kill him. The female instead suffocated the boy until unconscious and continued on her way.

Proxy 269: Claimed he witnessed her escaping near the entrance and attacked her in an attempt to subdue. She managed to dislocate and then break his right arm. When he arrived the bone was sticking out his wrist; I suspect she pulled back his arm, dislocated it and then hit with force against his elbow, detaching the bone and tearing it out the underside of his wrist. Afterwards he still gave chase but even with her injured leg she used the adrenaline in her system to escape into the woods. He returned and is being tended to currently.

The Advocate: He claimed he did not see anything nor was aware of her disappearance until 269 returned. He brushed off the escape; which is not of surprise to us nor suspicious; we know the Advocate for only caring about his own entertainment and nothing more.

Myself; The Executor: I was tending to another affair while the Lady rested. If I have to be subjected to my own investigation like so than that alone is pitiful.

Notes: She obtained her personal belongings (cellphone; pocket knife) as well as took the mask I crafted for her outside of the dream.

Warning: The female, while injured is noted to be dangerous. Currently dosed with hallucinogenic drugs her body is producing adrenaline and increased paranoia. She is armed with a pocket knife; something she can easily kill with. With the state I last left her in it is obvious to note that she will attack first and ask questions later. This is a predator that wears the mask of prey; the Lady is able to perform murder without hesitation presently.

My suggestion is to not give her the time to notice you are there. Either apprehend her immediately with stealth or await till she grows drowsy. Do not take my words lightly. I am the one that has been overseeing this operation; I know what we have done to her and the affects this task brought upon her.

I issue this for any proxies that notice this female. Do not defect from your tasks; if she is noticed only then strike.

Do not kill The Shady Lady
Removing pieces of her body is unwarranted and those that disobey will receive punishment to the fullest extent of His law

Do not defect from your tasks. Should you notice this female I request you act upon apprehending her and awaiting our arrival or notify us immediately should you be busy pursuing your own task.
Attempts at giving false information will result in punishment to the fullest extent under His law; let this be a warning to His disobedient followers.
Runners, Fighters, or those attempting to aid the female by giving false leads will be ignored. 

Associate of mine; I will contact you privately regarding our deal.

Companions of the Lady do not rejoice. She is currently within the woods as it darkens; alone; injured; bleeding; hallucinating. What are her chances of survival without us? The chances you'd find her? Tell me now then if you did; would you recognize her enough to coddle the damaged thing? How many of you would risk her knife cutting into your frail forms?

Do not rejoice for her escape. She may have just killed herself by doing so. Pray to your deities for us to find her; it is the only option that will bring safety to your party and herself.

I have not been able to contact her or detect her due to the protection warranted over the female. A third party member who will remain unknown has taken it upon herself to warrant weak but effective protections that I have been unsuccessful to purge. The world will be my eyes, I will invade every human's mind within the area if I need to in order to watch for the girl. Unfortunately that may be a general waste of time; knowing this one she would be prone to remain hidden due to her own condition. Unstable is she currently but not without some sanity still left in control. I know this from 85 being alive still and her belongings taken.

Awaiting at her home would be a waste as well due to the fact it would take her days to walk the distance; should she even know the direction to go in. We seek her now; preferring a body that is still harboring breath.

Lady of the Shade; I do not doubt you are reading this from your portable device. Let me say this; you have proven yourself well worth the trouble. You will die if you continue fleeing; if not from the terrain than from your body's reaction to the drugs when you are panicking. You may not wake up this time.
Listen well, Shady. That time I spent carving into your left shoulder today; branding His symbol; was time that has proven you are ours.
We are coming for you.
He is coming for you.
I am coming for you.
The task will not be compromised.
This delay will not last.


  1. I advise you not to even hold your breath. Dead in the woods? In your dreams. Ha! You have so little faith in us. We're not so weak as those you are used to preying on, mindbender.

  2. Mystery: Very well; we will just have to see how your Shady fairs against the odds.

  3. Well, what a surprise. And you had thought she could not escape you? Could not break free of her cage like I have? My lovely Shady is brave and can hold strong in the forest.

    Oh, I see she has retrieved her cellular telephone too, hmm? Such a disadvantage, Brother, that it seems you may be positioned in.

    Yes, yes, there are many out looking for our Lady. But once I have arrived here, I will be searching as well.

  4. Trinity: What you can track so can we. Already right behind her; breathing down the back of her neck, Trinity. We will drag her back screaming.

  5. Well this rings true to my previous concerns. Only instead of during transportation, right through the front door. I'm very interested to see how this turns out, if it's to be believed.

  6. That Damned Yankee: The escape was far too simple; despite 269's pursuit. Believe what you will; it bears no weight upon us.

  7. You can believe what you wish to, Executor, if that is what reassures you. Although, if I had switched bodies with you, I would not be so overly confident of myself. You ought to worry, Brother. For now there is reason.

  8. Trinity: You should pray for your Shady, Sister.



  10. My Shady! My lovely Shady! I will begin now, Shady. I will find you and you will be returned home. Find a place to hide and rest and I will find you. Do not work your body too hard, do not let yourself bleed to death. You still have my promise to keep, lovely Lady.

    He will no longer have you. Hide and rest and do not fall asleep. Stay put, my wise Sister. My advisor. If they shall come to close, a large stick is an efficient weapon. Knock their heads with it! Just stay safe!

    When will this plane land?!

  11. The Shady Lady: How bold of you; especially when you know how severe the consequences will be. I cannot see you, Lady of the Shade; but I can follow your trail of blood you left behind. You tore the stitches in your leg.

  12. Trinity
    Sweet Trinity
    Cant talk much
    Cant rest
    Cant stop
    Will be found
    I must keep moving


    The blood wont keep spilling
    It has stopped
    General directions wont help you

  13. I will jump! I swear it! I will jump and drop a bomb on your head, Executor! You will not survive once I reach Shady! You are a dead man!

  14. Trinity: Calm yourself, Sister. We do not wish to see you dead as well. For now.

    The Shady Lady: You are correct. Where my path ends His continues. If I cannot find you He can.

  15. My My
    ssuch an interesting turn of eventss, do you require assistance p'rapss?

    oh yes. a chase. run meat run run run
    shall I release my Victor now?
    Hunting is what he excels at...other than rampant destruction that is...

    oh the temptation to let Chaos rule.

  16. The Forgotten Throne: Will the female be caught or will it suffer the fate my charge Bad Man Walking did? I ponder; do you aim to aid my task or eliminate it?

  17. The "hallucinogens" seem to have been short-lived in her system, Mindbender. Maybe you overestimate your own talents. At the very least, I'm certain you underestimate Shady, much to your chagrin.

  18. Mystery: Are they? If you believe so. I see a female alone and about to have a seizure; should she not go into cardiac arrest first. Her ability to respond is only due to her willpower alone. How well does her body fair? Last I saw she could hardly stand. I ponder; what will happen when the adrenaline ceases?

  19. @ThatDamnedYankee Your morbid curiosity in this and in general is not helping matters. Executor and his crony, the Advocate, are foul and you only encourage them with your attentions. How would you feel if it were you in Shady's place?

  20. I have faith in her abilities, which you do not. And for all you bluster, I think you would have us think less of her and more of you. She is not weak... you did not break her. She escaped. How many others have? Hmmm?

  21. Mystery: That thing is but a first and a last to have escaped in all my years. Is your Shady human; I ponder this greatly. Very well; keep your faith; may it serve you well.

  22. hahaha Yes, we are human... does that make your head hurt? The age of miracles will come again and heroes will rise to fight the monsters as they did ages before. Heroes will always come to stand up against those who would make them bend and break.

  23. Mystery: You should teach your Shady what a hero is then; for she cannot even pronounce the word without quivering.

    Through the Fog: For now, perhaps.

  24. No hero names themselves such. They are nominated by others, and Shady is a hero to many.

  25. aid or hinder both and same to thiss dust of ashess past
    i would not see my Victori held much longer regardless, he sufferss so.

    Your chance hass been had, no less no more, do you dispute your failure here?
    P'rapss now is the time of reckoning now iss the time to see someone truly, horrifically good at what he doess...

    I would see a boon done for you though, in this, my consummate business man; I will give you a headstart if you wish, a warning True.
    What say you, now to thiss? Agreed?
    P'rapss I shall run too and laugh the whole while through...

  26. Mystery: I do not mean for her to acknowledge herself as one. It as a whole I have seen with my own eyes the way she pales at the mentioning. This matters little; the answer will be found once she returns.

  27. This Forgotten Throne: I am seeing it better now to not have accepted your release of him upon that stubborn thing. I believe you would have encouraged death upon it. Failures are misfortunes that make us businessman better at what we do; this one is one of the first in a very long time. I do not worry; the task is not yet complete. He does not call me from my task.

    Your Victor; that thing's Victor wishes to give me chase? I concur for it is better he chases a phantom than a hobbling piece of meat. Release your Victor; I will guarantee to both of you I am not an easy target. Let us see which of me he comes to first.

  28. Mystery; Believe me, I'm no sympathizer for Him and His. I just like a good story. And, with such recent upsets, I find myself questioning the validity of even this. So don't be offended. I'm just here as an observer. After all, if this wasn't meant to be seen, it wouldn't be public.

  29. @ThatDamnedYankee Only cowards and perverts _watch_ evil unfold.

  30. Oh, hey, I'm in Jersey right now as well. I'll keep an eye out, but I have my own mission to worry about. So no promises. Maybe I'll send the two idiots searching if I can't keep them off of each other.


  31. Mystery; I can promise you I'm neither.

  32. He is loosened as a dog of war, come too kill uss all
    hahahah ahahahah ahah ahha

  33. Damned Yankee, you are as hideous as He who slaughters all. As my Father, as my murderous Brother, as those who have caged me before I came to be here. Those who corrupt all.

    If you wish to "observe" the suffering of my lovely Shady and so many others, than join them. Do not waste our time repeating and repeating your worthless opinions. Believe or do not believe! Do you think we will care what you choose?! If one is in pain that we love, a useless idiot is not what we shall pay attention to.

    You say you wish to believe in Father, in the Siblings, in the events that occur each and every day. You might as well set out bait at your door; be calling them into your life. What a moron. I shall drop a bomb on your head as well on the way over. Damned indeed.

  34. Well then. Stop paying attention to me. I put my opinions out as a sort of filter for my mind. I let loose what my mind can't find the right words for. Not to hinder anything going on. Not to hurt anyone. Hell, if anything, I feel for Shady. If this is all the be believed, of course.

    And as for setting out bait. I'm fairly certain I'm safe and secure. Thanks for the warning though.

  35. Mystery, That Damned Yankee, Trinity: Resort to your own private methods of communications to handle your affairs. I will erase any further arguments. The male's beliefs bear no weight here; the constant believing or not words are becoming tiresome, however. Become more creative in your vocabulary and rephrase or my attention will be lost quickly. You are not upon my list; yet I take interest in you on my own personal time. I am sure you understand how I could become uninterested by repetitive behavior.

    Silence your petty matters and take them elsewhere now, children. Or be good little things and watch quietly. Further responses on this specific matter will be removed.

  36. This Faceless King: I ponder; how do you restrain your dog once it has bitten through its leash? I am intrigued to see for myself.

  37. there is no restraint, only pain and chaos and blood
    He comes
    for us all

    only when the Konig callss will he stop
    and then, even then....

    even phantomss such as us can bleed.

  38. Shady has escaped.
    Location: somewhere in New Jersey.
    Chased by: motherfuckers.

    This bathroom can go to hell. I'm getting out of here. Shady, if you can read this, you're not alone. Stay alive. Stay safe.

    Some proxies are gonna burn for what they did to you.

  39. This Forgotten Throne: I will not disagree, I do bleed. He will have to find which of me bleeds the most, however. Has your Victor ever failed to capture and devour his prey?

  40. The Glass Man: Humorous. I was not aware you were in her gravity as well. I am intrigued; look forward to seeing your attempt to burn us.

  41. Cant type much
    Must watch
    Dark woods
    Dark night
    Can say I dont want Victor to hurt anyone
    But you
    Hurting the kid
    Saying her nickname
    Making me relive drowning
    Scarring my bad shoulder with His mark
    Distorting time
    Torturing me
    Trying to extract information
    Everything and more
    You will never do it again
    If you escape Victor
    I will be the one that burns down everything you have lived for
    You will never hurt them again
    Reality or illusion
    I will murder you
    You saw it
    I saw you
    Remember what I said on the table
    Right before you dug in the hot blade
    Remember what I said
    Heaven nor Hell will stop me

  42. The Shady Lady: It is odd that I can hear your voice saying such. Perhaps I spent too much time within your head? Your Victor will have the chase of his life.

    You saw me? This strikes my intrigue. Enlighten me instantly.

  43. Perhaps you dove too far

    I saw you
    No mask
    You dove too deep
    We saw you
    Find us?
    We will find you
    I can
    When the drugs fade
    When I can think clearly
    When I my mind is my own again
    You wouldnt happen to be in a cabin would you?

  44. The Shady Lady: How unpleasant this is. How were you able to see me?

  45. You pushed me
    I pushed back
    Didnt you feel it?
    You saw her
    We saw you

    Enough talk

  46. The Shady Later: You are infuriating little thing. When you are ours once more I will be sure to take from you whatever it is you have seen. Flee for now; there is nowhere you can go that we won't find you.

  47. only a single thing hast ever escaped my Beast of Rage possessed and that would be the good Doctor himself.
    my my my
    I do so hope that train station wass out of service when you left it hehah hahahah ah ah

    I knew you and Victor would play so very well together!

  48. Hey, hey Executor, guess what?

    They're all going to burn. Every last one of them. But you're not GOING to burn. I think I might try a little of your drowning therapy on you. Followed up with a hot lead enema.