Sunday, May 22, 2011


The Lady began screaming from her room. When I entered I found her curled upon the floor where I had left her.

I slipped into her mind and found her encountering one of the memories I forced out upon our first crossing. The boy was there again and she was but a child. Intrigued I watched from a tree as the dream replayed itself over.

They two of them were within a park. The field far from the playground the other children played at. Frolicking within the field they explored. I detected little to be unstable of her then and suspect this was where her instability began. I found myself correct at the lurking presence that followed the two.

It was He who I serve that stalked the pair as they examined the wildlife around them.

It was He who stepped from the treeline and wrapped a tentacle around the boy's leg.

It was He who dragged the boy away.

It was she who screamed bloody murder and tried to catch up only to be left behind in failure.

Intriguing. I know who this boy is, Lady of the Shade. He is your proxy. He is the one you have called Mr. Sunshine.

Remember this you little thing of flesh and feeling. Remember his face. Remember the face you failed to save.

Is this one of the causes that motivates you to protect? To act as their "shield", if you will. Is this why your heart is conflicted between expanding and remaining shielded? Let us find out.

The female began mumbling incoherently; tucking herself further into a ball. Mental anguish outweighing any physical torture we could ever do to her; that would be tested. This will be useful, however. Shall we explore further on this later, Lady?

I left her to her dreams. A brief six minute intermission; now I return to wasting time until the five hours have passed.


  1. Now I see what provoked him so. It iss not the Lady but the power you exert, however delicately performed.
    careful now.
    softly tread 'round his favorite bait.

    but do not mistake his Hunger for misplaced affections. it iss not.

    I should like to pry that broken mind in twain, as well my own small hungers gnaw. Not to interfere, but if you have a scrap left over...

  2. A Faceless King: The Lady is his favorite? Intriguing; perhaps I should of saved her for last. Affections from him would be more surprising than his hunger. I may have halted my work just to witness what would transpire by a change like that. Scolding for a delay would have been worth that, this I am sure. You will have more than scraps. I am not tasked to execute. You can take whatever you wish from her once I have completed my task. You will have to see my objection from allowing you beforehand with his hunger. It would have been a treat to have you here.

  3. yes.
    Victor's greatest strength is sadly his Achilles's heel. How he fights it so.
    The endless tragedy of it is what I believe makes him the Aspect, the favored son, as it were.

    I felt the great endless Hunger stir and I knew to distract him then, before. Victor has alwayss needed me to restrain from attacking everything in sight. My Beast of Rage possessed.
    I do believe your image and manner provokes the very memory and brightest burning coal of hatred in his heart. The Doctor he could never hunt down.
    favorite, yes. indeed she draws them in like flies, and my poor Victor Hungerss so... ally or enemy and the Great Tall Konig laughs the while.

    I cannot let loose, however. even now to enjoy raking her mind through.
    He stirs and is disquiet...even from my touch. When you are finished extracting, p'raps I may join in.

    but when he is loose, 'ware those affections true. They are nigh terrifying to experience. Even for us.

  4. A Faceless King: There will always be a critic against a man who is good at what he does. Misfortune always clings to the coat tails of businessmen. Your Victor is an intriguing creature. No longer human is he but remains echoing the once human aspects. What makes that thing able to create an impact upon your Victor? Intrigued I have searched for the answer within its own head to find it bare of one. Do His crave another chance at life? I am pondering if that offering is it. Might I inquire on an answer from one who perhaps knows; who has faced experienced; why does your Victor favor it?
    Ah; I hear them clashing from here. 269 was late; unprofessional; will be dealt with. Give me warning of your arrival is all I request; should you come. The place is a mess. I would not take your Victor lightly, ma'am; I am good at what I do. Treading territories of those more powerful and living is a feat I have managed well so far. Engineered to disappear I am. Intrigued; I ponder how quickly your Victor could find me when cloaked. May we can find out on a much later date.

    I believe I should go view the process that is about to proceed. It sounds like the thing has finally been shackled. 269 must be dealt with appropriately for the 38 minute delay and succumbing to its violence opposed to simply restraining it. I am sure you are of understanding in that. I will return soon to respond, ma'am. I bid you and your Victor a good morning, for one is surely not to arise here.

  5. What have you planned do do with my wise Shady afterwards? Hmm? She shall be no use to our Father. Her resistance must be known to you now. She cannot fight you if she cannot already escape or even defend against your attacks. Killing her would only be a waste of your precious time, which you could possibly use to accomplish more successful tasks. After extracting whatever data you wish to achieve, releasing my Shady would not harm you. You would have what you came to obtain, and this Lady of the Shade would be of no more importance to you.

    She would live, and you would have what you came to get. We would all be happy then, would we not? Shall you consider this, Brother?

  6. Trinity: Do you lower her value as an attempt to defect me? My mission is not to kill but to create. She will be made into an example as instructed. The information I probe her mind for is specific in part; the whole of lays within this thing's mind is what I will examine. She will live, Trinity. She will live within a cage. I believe your Shady is fond of terms related to birds. So I say I will pluck her feathers so she may never fly again. Your Shady will live; she does not die as long as she is upon my list. Should instructions not change that is.

  7. A cage? I will rip free of mine and slaughter whoever tried to force her inside of one before I shall allow you to do that, you filthy pest. Shady is already an example of what everyone should already be; brave, bold, courageous, strong, compassionate, intelligent. She is not to be made into an example of what Father creates. Monsters, sociopathic killers, pests of life, punishments to Earth's people!

    You have already lost your freedom, Executor. You have lost all emotion and feeling, all compassion and sanity left. You may believe what you wish about yourself, but you are nothing but a useless idiot. No one shall ever grieve your death. No one shall ever truly accept you; Respect, yes, but you will never be anything more than a nuisance to everyone.

    I am not saying this out of anger, or because of what you have and are doing to Shady. I am telling you this because it is what is true. While you live, I will only be worrying for the safety of my true Siblings, not for your existence in the world. When you have died, I will rejoice for those who will not have to suffer any longer, not that you have ceased to exist.

    You may be His special little toy, but you are nothing in reality. It is time you have heard the truth. I will no longer allow you to affect me. So, continue playing your childish games with our emotions. You may not have much time left.

  8. Trinity: I am not His special toy. My life as a businessman before was a waste. Do you believe me to care for your truth? One I acknowledge but care nothing for? Judge me now, Trinity. Your words on how you or others view me bear no weight here. You will end up killing her if you persist; you should cease. You know how He enjoys turning others upon one another and killing those close to others. I say this sternly, Sister. Cease.

  9. I will never obey you. Remember this next time you order me as you have just now. I am only ceasing for my Shady's sake. Your directions mean nothing to me.

    I wish you know love, Brother...

  10. Trinity: You do not see the words I say to you. This is not an order, Sister. Thank you for your cooperation. Love has been lost to me even when I was of flesh and feeling. It would seem I am destined to remain a workaholic; which does not pain me in any way. Your will to love is admirable, Trinity. Your choice for your Shady's sake will be worthwhile.