Sunday, May 8, 2011


The first child this week was a young boy, seven years old. He slept and dreamed of a puppy. I gave him the puppy, a little thing he will never forget.

The second child this week was another boy, a teenager this time. He was seventeen, one of those kids who thinks because he can play an instrument he is instantly a rock star. He dreamed of being one and I was his manager, he signed the contract and with it himself. The second implant done away with.

The third child this week was a girl by the age of ten. Her dream was of a Disney movie she had just watched that night. I offered to rescue her from the tower, she agreed. Another implant completed.

The fourth child this week was a boy, fifteen years old. He dreamed of a pretty young thing he was crushing on. Wishing nothing more but to claim her as his own. I put my arm around him and whispered just how to make her his. Without hesitation he obeyed and took her within his embrace. Another implant done away with.

The fifth child this week was a girl, sixteen years old. She dreamed of drama others had given her that, wishing for revenge through her tears. I gave her a gun, she shot every one of them. Another message implanted.

You may be wondering what I am implanting, it is simple really. I cannot enter your dreams without becoming apart of them, that would send off alarms through-out your body that there was an intruder. I must play along until the message has completed its transaction. I do so enjoy it, the wild to tame things you all dream of for hours on end.

That does not explain what the implant is, does it? It varies from person to person. A seed to some, a message to another. Something subconscious to act upon or remember, even to think up at some point. It's like planting a bomb, all I have to do is sit back and wait for it to go off.

At times it is extracting information while I play to your dreams tune, the lot of you are unaware and never wake while I take what I am instructed to and wish. Those more aware will interrupt the process by jolting themselves awake, it is troublesome. Takes much more time. The sensitive can be in pain at times, which is when restraints are necessary.

Best to stay asleep, children. Waking up you may spot something you wish you had never seen.


The Executor


  1. Interesting job. You get health benefits with that~?

  2. Hello Mitch, if by health benefits you mean some added life span bonuses then yes. I do get health benefits.

    Hello Nil, are you displeased or are you pleased? Children of this age use that word in many ways now. It would be helpful if you clarified.