Monday, May 23, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example

Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
She would not wake this morning. Unmoved was she with her eyes shut. A pulse was still found; I suspect a heavy sleep. The thing's mind was blank; a sheet of black. She would not wake through a shake; jolting her and beckoning did little. I freed it of the chains and grasped it by the collar; dragging the body down the hall to a bathroom.
The tub filled quickly and she remained asleep; for now. I leaned her over the tub and submerged her head within the frigid water. I left her held down until her body began to awaken. It was not immediate; a few flinches before realization hit. Her hands grasped the edge of the tub as a means to pull out but I held her down seconds more before giving her air.
Morning sunshine. She coughed on the floor beside me; shaking lightly from the temperature. I leaned down and pulled back her bangs to see the thing's eyes; I checked her pulse afterwards. All was well; as suspected it was only a deep sleep.
Her awareness came back; she reached forward grasping my tie and pulling. Another attempt to strangle me. I left her grasp immediately; 269 and 85 entering as I stood upon the other side of the room and fixed the tie. The Lady began pulling herself up; I took action against her. Transporting behind her I grasped the back of her neck and forced her back under the water.
269 and 85 awaited command; I issued them orders to leave and lock the door. They hesitated until I demanded obedience. Do they lack faith in my ability to restrain her alone? Looking upon her submerged self I sneered at the thought.
I gave her air briefly before placing her back under. The cycle continued 5 more times before I let her up for a while longer. Her mind was remembering water; flashes of her attempted drowning surfacing. Useful.
I grasped the front of her shirt and threw her fully into the tub; submerging her all at once in the same fashion she remembered once long ago. Her hands clawed at my sleeves; her legs kicked against the tub. The Lady attempted to roll out of my grasp but it would not budge. I continued submerging her until the memory triggered itself on its own. The following is what transpired:
The Lady was looking to the boy; older by a few years now they were. His face was stricken with sorrow and her own was confused. How rich it was when he tackled her off the bank of the lake; grasping her throat and submerging her within the shallow waters. She fought him entirely but he had grown twice her size; the female had no advantages to use against him. Her vision faded to black; the hands left her neck. Memory ended.
Had he thought this was merciful for what He would have done? What He will do. Murdering her was his only mercy left to give before he was consumed. How endearing. How did she survive?
I yanked her upright from the tub; she was choking on water. I dragged her out of it; dropping the female to the floor and with a swift kick freed her of the water that began filling in her lungs.
The pieces are falling together; the timeline still out of place. What led you to forget, Lady of the Shade? Did someone make you; the Caged One; was it Him? We will find out.
I will not describe the exact events that transpired over the course of the next few hours; they are ones that would be difficult to put into words. All that can be said is her grasp upon reality; on how long she's been here for has been greatly distorted. Minutes turned into hours; an hour into many days. She lies now upon the table after her outburst of fury. The table is dented more. The following is a conversation that transpired between the two of us:

"Where do you really hide, Executor?"
"I could be anywhere and you would never know, Lady. I could be within Heaven's palace and you could never reach me."
"That's stupid of you."

"What makes you think so?"
"You should know by now I would break down the gates of Heaven and find you. I would throw Heaven into Hell just to purge you of your existence."

"That is hate."
"That is justice to those that suffered from you; under His orders."

"That is also revenge."
"Just a bit."

"What if your Smiles had been within Heaven then as well? Would you destroy the one who taught you love?"
"Don't you know?"

"Don't I know what, Lady?"
"She'd be holding you down when I did it."

The female grinned; a streak of joy. Had I misunderstood something? Was her long gone Smiles not a human of innocence like she has continuously described? Or was their distant connection stronger than I could understand as of now? There was much missing upon this female that impacted the Lady greatly. The dismissive behavior on the young woman made me see there was nothing left to continue on with. The two of them were equal in understanding; creating any form of doubt was a waste of my general time.

I could not scar her heart with this Smiles. I discarded the other female aside and we resumed. Again I say I will not explain the methods used. Putting into words the way a mind can be twisted is far too difficult and I lack the interest in taking the time to put in the effort to explain such to the likes of you people.

I ponder now how many of you are here to see if she lives and how many of you are here to see if she dies. How many of you watch for the material I write about her torturous days? How many of you are here just from curiosity alone? I ponder this just as she ponders whether anyone realizes she is missing. Humorous; I have not told her I have been writing these posts here. Isolated once more the thing scarcely remembers the feeling of an embrace; of the care from another. Not that it was expressed often to begin with. Time distortion does wonders upon the mind of a captive. Discarded and replaced back home; the thing does what it can to remember those bonds it spent time to create.

We are coming close to placing her within an alike position she was in for years. Reverting her into the Caged One's state will prove effective. We are halfway there; I believe. Warmth is draining from the female once more; its anger and suffering surfacing and beginning to take dominance over the other feelings. Hours expanded within her mind into days; weeks. It is the advantage I needed. Every night she slept I have bound her legs and hands and placed upon her face a mask. The psychological effect was violent. I do believe the time I spent designing it was well placed; fitting for her broken mind. Perhaps I will send you a picture; or perhaps she will when this all ends.

She does not know they are trying to come for her. The thing has no motivation but her own willpower; its own resistance. When that is no more it will have nothing to fall back upon. It will have nothing to resist for. The Lady fights for all of you; what will happen when her mind begins to think none are fighting for her? Oh what webs we despicable creatures weave.

Would you kill her? I am seeing offers. Is that mercy when she could be brought back as something that cannot be saved? Do you think we would not do such? An undead example serves just as much as a living one; less fussy too. I may reconsider now; this is me being merciful.

The unlikely truth is that mercy will be withheld unless an accident happens. It is why I have been overseeing operations personally a majority of her stay here. The Advocate is precise; a sadist but a professional one. 269 would crack her too easily; I was more surprised when her thigh wasn't split in two. 85 is still a child; fresh but quick; he only watches, never touches.

Tonight we work once more; tomorrow we do what is necessary. She will be transported at some point regarding an exchange with an associate of mine. If we continue with the time distortion she will be less stubborn enough to leave my supervision for 2 weeks. Even then what I leave to go with her will be enough to keep her subdued.

Do not question me on the associate or the proceedings that follow with it.

Today has been a trying one. I stood by and personally watched the full length of the hours I kept her within the time distortion. The thing does not realize she is truly awake as of now; for she thought she had been all along. The Lady will receive brief moments to herself; to brood upon her predicament. Let her try to remember what it feels like to be held and protected for she will be not be here. Welcome to isolation once more, Lady of the Shade. Freedom exists no more for you; in life or death. We will prevail.


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  2. How you amuse me Executor, i do look forward to our meeting.

  3. Such pain my lovely Shady has been through...If you have taken what information you have come for, why do you continue these inhumane experiments on her mind? No. I do not need the answer...I am already aware.

    Transported? To a different location perhaps? I wonder why that is. Let us hope this "associate" of yours is as skilled at what he does as you are, dear Brother.

    You say that granting death to this suffering soul would be mercy. I agree with you for once, though I know that what you would do to our Lady would not be merciful at all. Not a quick death you would give her, but a torturous one. If I was to lose all feeling by force, or choose death instead, I would hang myself immediately. I would never let them make a monster out of me. I only wish that what death you spoke of was one truly of mercy, not of your own enjoyment.

  4. The Glass Man: I have never fucked my mother, this I can assure you. I was not aware you knew the Lady; or is it the act in general that raises your blood pressure?

    Butchers Inc.: Are you a curious onlooker or something else?

    The Avatar: Finally a professional amongst the crowd of hormones and feelings.

    Trinity: Do you not see it? Information is a slow process with this one. That is not all she is wanted for, Trinity. I do not plan for her death, however others I have seen looking to it as a solution to end her suffering. I admit it to be a merciful act but one I will fight; no doubt would the female. Do not worry now, Trinity. They are very capable.

  5. Sounds risky, if all of this is to be believed. On one hand, you are a professional, and a good one at that. But as you've said before, people ARE fighting for her. Are you not worried that the knowledge of her being out in the world may spur on some heroic dash for rescue?

    Though maybe it's for the best. My perception is skewed, honestly. My belief that not all in His world is malicious clouds the facts.

  6. That Damned Yankee: I speak of the Lady of the Shade because no one can find her. Save for one male who is not looking to save her. You are correct for I am a professional, That Damned Yankee. I ensure that electronics are disabled-removing abilities to trace, locations are secured, distractions are enabled, dummy locations are made. With this female it was necessary; her morale with the rest of the flock made it so.

  7. Executor, are you having fun? I've always found torture a wonderful pastime to relieve stress, but I've been pondering what your opinion on the matter is. Does it bore you? If so, I have a few methods I could introduce to you that would certainly spice things up. Have you ever been fond of sowing needles?

    Also, are you any good with computers? Mine seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. Not sure why.

  8. The Advocate: Welcome to the inter webs. Whether I have fun bears no weight here. That thing's stubbornness is only delaying time that could be used to eliminate more tasks from my list. Your methods are your own; we may speak privately later on. Needles you say? I have used them often; interrogator, remember now. I will take a look at your computer within town on your next stroll. If you bring in active technology to our location I will see to it personally you are punished; and my methods are not ones of enjoyment. Otherwise, I am enjoying your company. It is pleasant having a professional beside me.