Saturday, May 21, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)

The female remains defiant. Upon transferring her to a chair she managed to bruise my jawline through the mask. I proceeded with electrocuting her with a reasonable voltage. The Lady refused to speak or address my questions. I increased the voltage but no affect was made. I continued a steady increase until a change was shown.

The thing began rocking itself back and forth and muttering incoherent sentences. Upon approaching and looking her at eye level she reacted; violently. Lurching forward and screaming the following:

"May you fucking burn!"

I reacted with grasping her throat and slamming her back against the chair. She remained without breath until her body calmed itself and awoke at my call.

I noticed her hands making twitching movements; flexing in the manner asylum patients have been known for. Intriguing. I have become interested in determining if she had previously encountered such a place.

Delving into her mind proved to be another war all its own. Imaginative little thing. Prior to her I had yet to encounter a human capable of this kind of control. It is almost worthy of sympathy how well it contains the emotions begging to be let out. Again I say almost.

Shock treatment and mental probing continued back and forth until I exhausted her some and was able to access further into her mind. Upon getting there I encountered the female; only it was not quite her. I suspected this was the Caged One she refers to in her own writings. It shook its head slowly as I came forward; then snarled something less human. It said the following:

"Not this day when We still remain strong and functioning.
Continue your path forward and We will crush you.
Crush you.
We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll crush you. We'll fucking destroy you!"

Her mind became unstable; I left. I found her body having a seizure when I returned. Suspending further interrogation I issued five hours of undisturbed rest.

We. Intriguing. I have come to the conclusion this female is in a constant struggle between stability and instability. Past verses Present; a battle for purposes I have yet to determine.

I suspect this has to due with her suppressed memories. The Caged One appears to be guarding them.

Upon looking over the room I noticed she managed to dent the metal table we previously had her on. The arms of the chair were loose as well. The violent force the Lady is capable of producing will do well once she has been made into an example.

The Advocate will begin first in five hours. I expect physical torture will have a better effect on her state of mind upon first waking. The female continues to reject my presence with her sensitive mind. It should change after her mind has become used to my presence; therefore allowing me more time and places to access.

Those who are known closely to her should be grateful to not bear witnessed to the brutality this little thing is capable of. I am quite surprised she has not willingly given herself over to Him. It would seem these thoughts of interrogation will be put to use against her. I amuse myself over the thought of how the female will react when her own methods are used against her. I will be informing the Advocate of physical methods that may be useful. His current record of creativity in these things makes me think he may already have a list of options. I do believe he will enjoy what I have found, however.

For now I am left going over what I already have discovered. The pieces to this thing's puzzle are only a few out of the whole. The Lady's resistance is not helping to make things easier. The simplicity of sending her into mania is great; even with the control she maintains; even with the Caged One to fall back upon.

We resume in less than five hours.

Say what you will while you have my time.


  1. i defy and am forgiven i obey and i am allowed. no matter this, no matter that. no catharsis found.
    my only will is our hunger that knows no end. i am the mouth that never feedss.
    every of the thingss i do beget his will, i have learned i have seen and i have despaired.

    my leash hast let out, no end.

    you are attaining its attentions,
    moving so. acting so.
    p'rapss should eaTyo u all come now.
    i see you very well. it wants the broken one as well lovely broken ssmell

  2. A Faceless King: You are one of the reasons I issued myself silence before. I obey Him. You waited before you will wait again, as I have said. Your words bear no weight here. I will do as I am commanded without compromise. You defy Him and you are allowed. It can wait. It will wait like it did once before.

  3. that you bear hiss will is the only reason i have paused and considered.
    with the hollow screaming in my earss.

    do not play at commanding me again, messenger.
    unlike these mensch and worms that bear no weight, i am. awakened.

    what i did to the the executioner will pale in comparison.

  4. A Faceless King: Remain paused and considering until my task is completed. Then you may come and I will not complain. If He wishes this one devoured so be it; my order is to be carried out. What follows is not my place to think upon. Come for me and we will see what is to come. Can you catch a phantom; can you eat what is not there? Let us bear witness when the proper time comes.

  5. yes.
    i would see what comes next. theoracle hast said the same, just now, just as such.

    questions beget questions and i shall answer yours; do you think flesh is the only thing He consumess?
    i will wait i will watch.
    i will hunger.
    for now

  6. A Faceless King: He consumes the whole. Do you believe it easy to keep still what you cannot grasp? I have acknowledged the Lady's writings; you may have a hole. Yes; wait; build your appetite.