Sunday, May 22, 2011


Known identity: The Shady Lady
Other aliases: Lady of the Shade, (The) Lady, Shady, (The) First, (The) Caged One
Location: New Jersey
Abducted: 2:48 AM
Current location: Unknown-Captured
Current status: Alive-Injured-Worsening
Captors: The Executor, The Advocate, Proxy 269
Assisting: Proxy 271 (Deceased), Proxy 85, Proxy 93 (Deceased)
Objective: Extract information-Make an example
Personal belonging(s): Cellphone (which was found taped to her chest), pocket knife (strapped to her wrist initially)
The more we push her the more she pushes back. She does not yield nor break; she takes what we have given to her and rises again. Is this thing truly human? I ponder this now; watching as the female stands idly within the filthy room. Every so often it tugs at the shackles we've secured around her four limbs. Does it believe their strength would have diminished over time; is that hope?
We will be coming to two days and already I find myself loosening my tie. Rather than succumbing to pain she reacts with indifference or violence. After events earlier this morning I called in three to assist; 271, 85, and 93. Assigning Proxy 93 to the room I watched to see if it would use whatever it did to pluck them from His grasp. No, it did not. It watched 93 for approximately 2 hours and 43 minutes without a break. That was only the two of them alone; earlier the Lady's gaze stalked them for longer. Intriguing. Afterwards she made conversation and said the following:
"Did you go willingly?"
93 shook nodded.
"Are you sure?"
93 nodded again.
"Have you been tortured?"
93 remained silent.
"Have you tortured someone ever?"
93 nodded.
"Did you enjoy it?"
93 nodded again.
"Did what heart you have flutter with the thrill?"
93 nodded again.
"Did you have problems when you were in school?"

93 remained silent.

"Were you hurt by others?"

93 shook her head.

"So you hurt others."

93 nodded.

"Did your family hurt you?"

93 shook her head.

"So you just had some need to do harm upon others?"

93 nodded.

"And you do so without regret, without a second guess?"

93 nodded.
"Have you killed?"
93 nodded again.
"What do you kill with?"
93 pulled out a knife from her sweaters front pocket.
"Butcher knife? Can I see?"
93 remained still.
"You think I can really kill you like this?"
The Lady jerked her arm in a stabbing motion horizontally. 93 came forward to show off the blade. 
The Lady proceeded then to end the conversation. It kicked Proxy 93 in the knee when in close proximity and took the weapon. Without hesitation the female stabbed the proxy in the underside of her chin and up through her skull. 93 did not survive; her own fault for not considering vertical movements. 271 broke into the room and attacked. The Lady drew herself closer to the wall where the chains originated from. As I suspected it was to give its body more movement.
To keep things short the female used that to her advantage. The chains keeping her here were used against 271; he was tripped. The female stabbed 271 in the abdomen 4 times before planting the knife within his stomach.
269 entered, he being a first to my beckon call I had trust in him being able to disarm and subdue the female. I was correct; despite her hostility against him. He took the knife and cut open her left thigh until the blade hit bone. I predict she will not be moving around easily from now on.
Upon the table again I dove into her mind. Her threats did not fall silent to my ears; and what threats they were, my, my.

I let her view her family. The girl panicked the moment she saw them. Intriguing. I pursued only for the thing to become paranoid severely. Nothing has occurred and already concern laces through it. Protected are they; I acknowledged this. It did not mean within her own mind they were safe. I spent 45 minutes taunting her with the possibilities.

Enough play. I sought answers; but still she had none to give. I tapped in further, coming to the Cage One once more who was not pleased. It took away the light that shined and allowed the blackness to fill. It trembled with rage and furiously roared until that section of her mind quaked. Not yet it would seem; I retreated briefly before returning and lashing her back into the darkness. I reached into the veil that suppressed her past and pulled forth something new. The following is it:

Childhood again; the female was walking down the street in her neighborhood. A car slowed itself upon its approach. This triggered a memory within a memory. Flashbacks of other times this car was seen before then. The face is obscured like all the previous times. The Lady looks to them and a brief conversation transpires; it does not seem she approves of the person. Each step becomes more distant from the vehicle; one suspicious sidelong look to the car and the memory fades. Her childhood figure disappears from that spot and the car leaves.
Was the Lady snatched? I look to the Caged One as she seethed to my right and growled the following:
No what? is now the question. No to my question or no to the time?
Good news is she did not seizure this time. I ceased my hold and allowed her time to eat and drink.

271 did not make it. Two of our own have been slain in the less than two days she has been here. That thing is adapting to its surroundings like a virus adapting to an immune system. No information was given to her about the two individuals she has killed; yet she determined them to be the ones that even if she had plucked from His grasp would have either come back or continued murdering on their own.

Did we underestimate this thing? It treads between harming and protecting at such a rapid rate. It concerns me as to how long this is taking to extract information of any kind. When I enter her mind I find nothing from the past other than what has already been spoken of. Things this female is used to. I plan to rely on the Advocate to lessen her resistance for a longer period. Physical strain with some psychological bonuses may serve us better.

I will await until she rests later to step in once more. A lucid dream proved to deliver more answers; even if I was eliminating everything she sent at me throughout it.

For now she has reverted to her silence. Even on the other side of the glass I can see her watching us. What will it take to break her; to tame her? Sensitive minds awaken from their slumbers when I intrude; this rejection is not normal. Unrelenting and brutal. I ask again, Lady of the Shade: Are you truly human? for your mind leaves footprints that say otherwise. Here I thought I experienced it all; it seems humans still have something left to offer.
I will be here until she sleeps; occasionally looking into the process. You have my time to waste; begin.


  1. And what if she stays unrelenting? What are you going to do if nothing pops up? It's pretty obvious that she's no good to you dead, at least not yet.

  2. That Damned Yankee: She will break into mania or we will put her in the cage and begin making an example of her as she is. The process will not be compromised.

  3. Fair enough. Whatever she had must be important, if this is to be believed. Out of all I've read, you seem the most legit.

    Which reminds me. I've gotten my hands on A LOT of information. Kind of puts a hole in the whole "the more you know, the better chance you have of being found" idea.

  4. a suggestion this, before your work begins in earnest;
    p'raps you are inflicting pain on the wrong subject. She killed the two she deemed "unsaveable " -use this against her heart of hearts.
    bring in a child, a female child. allow her time to speak and thus acknowledge.
    Then you will have the correct subject to inflict upon, in sight and ear of the Lady.

    Sometimes you must attack the Heart, first.

    This OracleofLies eagerly awaits her turn.

  5. My clever Shady. Such an intelligent woman, is she not?

    Will her injured thigh be wrapped and let heal, so that it does not become infected?

  6. That Damned Yankee: What she has and what she is seems to be of use for Him and against those that fight him. Useful thing. A lot of information you say; you are not upon my list but do not think you are not being watched. Do you think yourself different? The eyes are watching.

    A Faceless King: This will not bring forth information being suppressed from her. All that she knows now I have; for the most part. The child idea will serve well; alterations will be made. Perhaps a stronger trigger when she sees the child I intend to show her. Your suggestion will be put to use, Oracle of Lies. I thank you for it.

  7. Trinity: She has been tended to. Her leg will not bleed out and is wrapped to avoid infection. For now. Your Shady is a predator wearing the mask of prey, Trinity.

  8. Oh I'm sure. I'm not some complete brain-dead moron. If there is any weight to all of this, than I know the risks and understand the consequences. I find all my research and delving completely worth it. If nothing else, it's given me hours of entertainment. As for all this; I haven't really dug too deep into Shady. I know enough to get the gist of it, and understand the opposite views. It's nice being outside looking in. Starting to wonder if that all might change.

  9. Haha. Told you she was strong willed.

  10. That Damned Yankee: Hear this; that thing that will be His started just like you. Observer; hidden but gathering information. Perhaps you will learn more of this little thing; it is not the opposing views that draws us in. What do you wish to gain by entering this war?

    Through the Fog: The will of another can be broken.

  11. I don't know, to be completely honest. I stumbled upon the story a while back, and wanted so bad to research into it. Unfortunately, at the time, things were hectic, and I didn't have the chance. But, in the back of my head, the want never left. I kept going back and thinking about it. Until I finally just started. I even ended up drawing a few other people into it with me.

    I've seen a lot. Most of it, I've found to be fake. And that's what is so disappointing. That's what causes every idea to end in "If it's true" or "If it's to be believed." And yet I still delve into it. So I really can't answer that question. I don't know why I look. Maybe I'm just curious. Or maybe I subconsciously want to see that all of these stories have a vestige of truth to them. I really can't tell you.

  12. That Damned Yankee: Watch; welcome to our show. Let your uncertainty direct you to an answer. Maybe you will end up on my list. I look forward to your curiosities.

  13. Oh believe me. I'll be watching. Like I said. If nothing else, it's entertaining as hell.

  14. Maybe so, but predators are those who fight for survival, as a lion hunts to eat, to survive. It is the beasts, the monsters, that fight and kill for mere amusement.

    Tell me, Brother, what is her current condition? Is she ill yet? Perhaps you must give her time to rest before probing her further. If driven over the edge, she may not be capable of keeping her stability long enough for you to find what is needed. Have you let her sleep yet? Has any medicine been put onto her wounded leg?

  15. Trinity: Her condition is resilient. Its leg has been secured properly so that it will not die of blood loss or infection. She has rested; with her lack of it before her capture I do doubt it holds much affect. Rest has been given. Currently she sleeps and shall fully for the night. I have taken the measures to ensure her survival and suffering remains on equal levels. She is in the hands of a professional; better would you not say? I am a man that is good at what he does. Remember that.

  16. I shall, Brother. You have repeated that line many times. I am certain it has stuck itself in my mind by now.

    May I ask one more question of you, Brother? Have you destroyed Shady's portable cellular device, or is it still in on piece, kept within your possession?

  17. Trinity: It is disabled by not broken. I have already considered tracking possibilities, Trinity. You must be patient with your Shady. I do not object to your presence here. You may question and comment all you wish.

  18. You are very intelligent, Executor, despite how you choose to use this advantage.

    And I was hoping you had overlooked such a small detail...In business, I assume, every detail is important, hmm? Very well. There are still more options.

    If you do sleep at all, Brother, then I wish you splendid rest so that you may wake up feeling alert and prepared to maim another shipment of innocent human beings! I, myself, have had an awfully exhausting day, what with the paranoid of Siblings hiding up in treetops all day. Oh, the life of those on the run!

    On another note, I do so look forward to seeing you. Soon, Brother. I shall have to force myself to be patient.

  19. Trinity: Perhaps I shall bring you your Shady? Once she is His you may coddle her all you wish for a short period of time. The thing's head is wanted by plenty, what befalls her afterwards is not on my agenda personally. If you wish to make it your own you may do so.

  20. Do not threaten her safety, Executor. Keep her alive and take whatever you need from her, just do not kill her. She is strong, she will keep her emotions.

    And I must say, what a way to respond! I had only wished you a good night's sleep so that your morning shall be a well-rested one.

    Just as long as she is kept alive, I am content, as of now. Her life is precious to me, and as long as her soul remains until point of release, I will not insult you any longer. You have my word on that, though only when she remains "safe".

  21. Trinity: Why do you repeat this thing's life to be precious? You repeat calling her an adviser. Why?