Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello Lady of the Shade. Does your head feel a little different? Maybe now you can focus. So many thoughts. So overwhelming. Still sane, however. Intriguing.

How do you like paranoia? Know it well, I hear. I saw. I felt. Tamed it, have you? Tamed a lot of things. That beast is one hell of a bitch. I doubt that cage could have contained it for long. You hold back a lot of things, don't you? I know. I felt them. I saw when you had initially awoken. The look within your eyes spoke a thousand words.

On another note: Were you happy to see the sun this morning?

See you soon, fair Lady.


  1. That's... Not creepy at all, nope.

    Look, there were two things you mentioned in the dream. Two things you came to do. I'm not stupid, Executor. I know very well that you couldn't get the information. What about the message, eh? Whatever footprint you left I will erase. Like a print in the sand and how the tides wash it away, as if it was never there to begin with. But only those who were present saw what once was there. Between you and I this footprint is know personally. Even then it will amount to little.

    Do not ever play that song again. I refuse to have what memories I have be tarnished because of you, because of Him! This is a warning. Want a promise? You do so again and what beast you saw will devour you whole the next time you step foot into my head. You'll see a real "bitch" then, I can assure you.

    Go on now, play your role, wear your condescending smile. I'll see you soon and you'll see my ax between your eyes.

    Later, dear.

  2. The Shady Lady: Were you a snake once before in a previous life? So much venom. You are right on half of what I came to do succeeding. Sensitive mind of yours prevented the other half, as you are well aware. I know better than my colleagues not to doubt your intellect. We look forward to seeing your beast released. It will be a pleasant change. A nice challenge from a stubborn thing He seeks to claim.

    Soon. Farewell.