Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hello Dreamers,

Introductions are in order, I am the Executor. A messenger, an envoy. His agent. I take His orders to others, be them targets or workers. Quite the big list.

I wonder how many of you out there I have actually met. So many faces, they tend to blur together. He has many prey, many targets I must tend to. Perhaps you recognize me, the fellow in your dreams. Think now, think hard. I'm a small man, often entertaining your loved ones. They hardly ever notice just who I am, the stranger they adore. But you do not, do you? You can never understand why this strange man is in your home, invading your space so casually. You never realize the message being implanted into your head, do you?

You are all a fun bunch. Scared out of your wits, I like talking to all of you. Perhaps this experience here will be just as entertaining as when lurking within your dreams. Let's hope.

I may not be posting here as often as I'd like. This list of mine never shrinks, only grows. I will do what I can, however, to keep you all informed on just what I want you all to know. What He wants you all to know.

Enjoy what is left of your day.

The Executor

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